Gemini Weekly Horoscope 24th to 31st August 2020

Gemini Weekly Horoscope 24th to 31st August 2020

Gemini (born between May 22 and June 21): Today, Monday the 24th, you should pay attention to economic issues. But do it precisely and without overly bundling everything, to harmonize with the environment.

On Tuesday 25th, you need to plan well the economic future. You will be able to carry out your initiatives which will give you great satisfaction. On Wednesday 26th, you should maintain your harmonious and vital balance, paying attention to your interior; so you will know where you are going and you will not chase fantasies. Put awareness and heart in everything you do. On Thursday 27th, if your mind relaxes and harmonizes, imagine everything you could achieve with it. To achieve peace, imagine that you are floating in the warm sea and that you are in perfect union with it.gemini weekly horoscope 24th to 31st august 2020

On Friday 28th, you will have to solve entrepreneurial initiatives that you want to carry out, especially how to balance the time you dedicate to your profession and home, to balance it. You must know how to relax and that the problems are left in “Stand by” until little by little they are solved. And on the weekend, on Saturday you will notice a lot of entrepreneurial energy if you are guided by intuition and on Sunday you can establish a harmonious atmosphere in the family and with close people.
Gemini Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

When the sun is in the square of your native sun, the exchanges take a more electric turn and you will have great difficulty protecting your sensitivity from the verbal aggressions or the selfish behaviors which will multiply around you, more particularly in your professional life.

A week of August 24 focused on something other than love! Indeed, you undergo annoyances, more or less painful disappointments in this field, and your heart is put to blood and on fire! Try to detach yourself from this difficult situation as best you can by refocusing on what is going well in your life, work, family, friends. Forget about love during these few days!

You find it difficult to cope with your situation and you find it difficult to sustain your efforts or contain your frustration. Don’t try to relieve yourself of the stress that haunts you by speeding up the tempo or trying hard passages. You are not good at dealing with pressures by wasting your energy. Instead, consider saving yourself.

It is in your interest to put things into perspective in this area of your life and to turn to your loved ones and your family to have a good chance of exchanging in all serenity. Also, concentrate on your actual work, without trying to argue.

Money and Luck
Thanks to your work, to aid, or to an investment that pays off, you have the means to make money. The small problem is that you are quickly tempted to spend your money before it has had time to make small ones, suddenly your account is red. Caution is in order, time is saving, take the opportunity to build up a little nest egg.

A complicated week is ahead. Your vitality is at half-mast and you dare not change things. Take your courage in both hands, you must find your enthusiasm necessary to go up the slope! You could be late making it difficult to get back in shape, accept the efforts required for a good cause! Let go of the crazy idea of having a foothold everywhere and come back to yourself from a perspective of well-being.

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