Gemini Weekly Horoscope 2nd to 8th November 2020

Gemini Weekly Horoscope 2nd to 8th November 2020

Gemini (born between May 22 and June 21): On Monday the 2nd, you will be able to understand life and its mysteries in certain moments of love. You have within you the key to what you are with your simplicity and your truth. If you relax you will really know yourself.

On Tuesday 3rd, seek to progress and project on activities that you like and that you have not been able to carry out before you will help people who will collaborate with you and you can organize something together. On Wednesday 4th, balance is essential and your inner yin/yang harmony is very important since your sweetness will benefit the profession and others will see your loving way of appreciating them.gemini weekly horoscope 2nd to 8th november 2020

Thursday 5th, since the result, depends on it; You will be very visible to others and that is why put the maximum interest so that in the end you are happy. On Friday the 6th, the inspirations you receive will make you understand the most transcendent side of life. They will be like visions of the Soul. If you are an artist, you will have great creations and works.

On Saturday the 7th, you will have a special shine that stands out in your eyes and in what others perceive. You act in connection with other people, as if you saw in slow motion, everything before, on a screen, in front of you. Your way of expressing yourself is internal and part of your depths. And Sunday is a day when you can travel with your mind or physically.

Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is still retrograde in Scorpio and this week makes a harmonious aspect with Pluto. Very deep times and profound changes, with a lot of therapeutic work and with a lot of honesty with yourself. Humor has always been a great tool to make everything more bearable, keep using it, but without denying the processes that have been taking place, especially the endings that can no longer be hidden or argued with the usual excuses and justifications.

This week you will be braver and more confident than usual. You will speak directly and forcefully, but you will not be offensive. That is why others will respect you and listen to you. Be objective in your choices. Make sure you have some time to yourself. Your usual landmarks won’t be enough. You will get a better idea of things if you look at them from a different angle. If you are single, do not hesitate to go out to places that are not the usual ones. You could also make the sublime decision to mobilize all your strengths to reorient your life differently. Whether in the professional field or the family, these days promise to be rich in changes. So don’t be bland and improvise. Do not be distracted by the anguish that these transformations usually cause.

Gemini Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

Your lively and light mind is enriched by the art of Mercury seduction. In this state of mind, it is going to be difficult to resist your charm. During this period, your exchanges are particularly facilitated. If you want your loves to take a step forward, now is the time to make your ideas and wishes come true. Provide entertainment, play online. Guaranteed success!

If you are single, it is not clear what commitment to make. You have several options but, above all, moments of total carefreeness to enjoy without restraint before making truly final choices. These decisions are not favored for the moment but you maintain more animated and constructive exchanges.

You question a professional situation that you feel is immobile. However, you remain cautious and this attitude protects you from blows of fate, sometimes inevitable but essential to your development. While waiting for probable shocks and financial promises, Heaven always protects and favors your most varied projects.

These energies portend great times. In this light and sparkling state of mind, your loves will regain that momentum that they have lacked for some time. You have carte blanche to express your ideas and to make them come true. Treat yourself and please. This will give some pep to your loves which need this alertness to flourish.

Money and Luck
Your financial situation will not improve with a wave of a magic wand, it takes a little longer. Despite everything, this week of November 2, interesting news comes to put a little butter in the spinach, you are surprised but very satisfied with this outcome. Do not plan for large expenses, so you will avoid unpleasant surprises. To make plans, wait until the context is completely favorable.

Why not sign up for a humorous page this week? Indeed, laughing is a fabulous tool to learn to let go of your stress or worries and thus improve your mental strength and your love of life. Your vitality may increase thanks to the beneficial effects of feeling good about yourself. Health and a whole that requires a global vision of your lifestyle.

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