Gemini Weekly Horoscope 4th to 10th November 2019

Gemini Weekly Horoscope 4th to 10th November 2019

Venus enters your complementary sign and will blow up all the locks of your emotions but also financial life. Expect new encounters and enjoy the renewal of your current relationships. Trap or a good idea, friendships are very possible and if you are in a relationship, it would still be good not to mortgage a lasting relationship for a whim.

You are in an optimal state of mind for clear communication, now that the week begins, and you should be able to explain without problems what is happening, even if you still do not know how to interpret your partner’s feelings.gemini weekly horoscope 4th to 10th november 2019

Some family problems will occupy you completely on Wednesday and Thursday, this could take you out of your love life completely or on the contrary, bring you closer to your love. Romance blooms for you and many others this weekend, and your great energy is a beacon of light for the right person.

You want to discover new horizons. You open your heart to new people, to other cultures, you become a stranger or dream to settle in the distance. However, you differentiate your fantasies very well from reality. You feel that you are flourishing more easily and your ease of expressing your feelings is growing.

Remove from this prosperous period the elements that will maximize your bold initiatives and earn you long-term benefits. Communication is in the spotlight and you have every interest in working hard to convince your interlocutors of the relevance of your initiatives. You are very busy making your assets grow.

Singles have every interest in staying attentive and available: new encounters are a source of diverse opportunities both sentimentally and financially. You will however need all your intuition to sort out these novelties because an excess of dynamism can blur the cards and drag you into chaotic relationships if you do not keep the direction of common sense. Enjoy without suffering and everything will be fine!

Money and Luck
The luck is with you. This is a very favorable time, your projects and initiatives are successful, to your delight the money flows almost afloat. You sketch a broad smile that delights your entourage. With great generosity, it is with immense pleasure that you offer gifts to your loved ones. Your intentions are so good, that you quickly taste. Gemini Luck Today

This week of November 4th promises to keep you awake, even boiling. If you had dreamed of taking a break, you might have to wait a bit before resting. You have trouble finding work because the pace seems to be accelerating at work and in business: contracts or agreements insight, innovative projects that, hopefully, encourage your ability to wait, to negotiate.

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