Gemini Weekly Horoscope 8th to 14th March 2021

A period of emotional upheavals opens with the transit of Venus in the square. Relations will be soberer but much deeper. All the superficiality or the feigned ease of the last few weeks will give way to more sustained, more personal, and above all more reasoned, better-structured discussions.

You are one of the key pieces in your work, so your performance is valued and well regarded. Continue on the same path because that is what sets you apart from others. In love, cancer will fill you fully and could become the love of your life, if it is not already. Be careful with some people around you because, even if they are from your family, they will not miss the opportunity to give you a bad wave, so better keep your distance.gemini weekly horoscope 8th to 14th march 2021

Gemini This Week Horoscope 8th to 14th March 2021

You are not very comfortable with your emotional life this week. Many doubts or questions torment your heart and your amorous mood suffers. Do not add suspicion to your discomfort, you will only make matters worse. The best is still to speak calmly about your feelings. Just expressing them (or even writing them down) will defuse real problems.

Not really any new professional opportunities, it is a fairly calm week of March 8 that promises to be. However, a turnaround could destabilize you. Old questions about your past might resurface. Nervousness and stress are expected except that, to relieve the pressure, you decide to take up sports. Don’t worry, it’s a bit tricky to go through but it doesn’t last.

For some, this means important decisions in the area of contracts, such as marriage or the founding of an association. It is in any case in this area of unions and alliances that you can best change your situation. Your outbursts of egocentric greed will get you nowhere.

Money and Luck
Is the stock market cyclical? Sometimes your financial situation follows the same curves, with ups and downs. Right now your actions are clearly not at their best. But after hitting an all-time low, you are bound to bounce back, because you have to be basing yourself on blue-chip stocks. You just have to believe it: you will see it is the first step which is the most difficult but the most important.

Save your energy because, if you persist in your positions, you will run out of fuel when you are asked to act. Try the soft method and focus on dialogue rather than confrontation. The week promises to be difficult, refuse to endorse the aggressiveness of your partners and favor listening, plead your case with tact.

Gemini Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

Gemini (born between May 22 and June 21): On Monday the 8th, you will have very favored expressiveness, and your mind will also be very fast; but you will have to avoid misunderstandings in professional matters or your occupations.

On Tuesday the 9th, you will feel that speed and luck will accompany you on issues of new projects. And it is time to lay your ideas in the form of stable foundations to create a solid future that gives you security. On Wednesday the 10th, the new projects that you generate today must be preceded by great depth and also have to be innovative to experience the joy of their success.

On Thursday 11th, your inspirations and creativity will be your personal stamp today. And they will mark a great adventure in your life and in everything you start since you will be benefited. On Friday the 12th, your occupations will take a prodigious leap that will be noticed a lot, since your inspiration will be remarkable and your optimism too.

On Saturday the 13th, you have to integrate what you think and what you feel to advance without stones along the way. Everything you do favorably will come to you multiplied. Sunday the 14th is a day in which your instinct and your ingenuity will help you to separate “the true from the false”, and that will help you enormously.

I am excited to tell you that after everything has lived since August 2020, the full moon on Monday, March 9, announces a harvest in your home. Bring the result of everything you have done to generate harmony and balance with the people who share your home or who are in some way your family.

So throughout the next two weeks, you will feel at home, lucky and blessed in your family history, eager to make memories and strong ties with those you love, it’s time to celebrate something at home.

In the same way, a conclusion can come, a move, the moment in which you decide if after what you lived the last six months, you continue where you are, or you start looking for a change.

The week starts with Mercury already direct, and you have eight days to solve an issue that has to do with embarking on a new adventure, exploring lands that until now are somewhat unknown to you, or going back to school.

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