Gemini Weekly Horoscope 9th July to 15th July 2018

Gemini Weekly Horoscope 9th July to 15th July 2018

Venus has everything to stress you! It brings greed and therefore frustration, it dramatizes all the feelings and breaks the harmony that existed in your relationships and that you need to feel totally fulfilled. As a family, you seek to maintain a climate of well-being, based on understanding and complicity.

This should not cause you too much trouble because, when it comes to your loves, you are ready for any metamorphosis. If you have children, you will put all your energy to train them in happy activities that will distract you. As a couple, you are full of ideas to please your beloved.gemini weekly horoscope 9th july to 15th july 2018

This week of July 9th will be highly emotional stirring. The impulses of Mars will interfere with the Sun, which will create in you a need to build that mixes with destructive tendencies. You will have to juggle these two tendencies inside yourself. What is not comfortable for you! Whatever your situation, you will go through circumstances that will force you to change the way you love. Between rendering service, giving pleasure to excess and too much rigidity, there is a possible balance.

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You get the upper hand on a professional level this week. This is ideal if you have to handle complex cases because you will be able to deal with them constructively. Your links will be more fluid and it must be said that your natural authority will find his account. If you have a heavy hierarchy, it will seem less heavy and constraining. Your personal ideas take a constructive flight, do not doubt it.

Money and Luck
Your financial life looks positive this week, in the sense that you will find facilities to find more ease in your management. There is good news in prospect, the ends of negotiations turn to your advantage if you agree to devote yourself to it. Your pragmatism will not fail you, you will see clearly for all that concerns error of figures, abuse of power, and anything that can reduce your financial leeway.

To detach you from conceptions of the past will be for you a true liberation. And you feel that you have to do it, rightly so. This will be the keystone of your energy this week, removing the dead weight from your psyche will give you wings, even physically. The influx of Uranus is likely to create a lack of magnesium. Your elimination abilities are increasing this week.