Gemini Weekly Horoscope February 24th to March 1st, 2020

Gemini Weekly Horoscope February 24th to March 1st, 2020

Neptune creates troubled situations that prevent you from keeping a clear course of action, especially in terms of relationships.

The ideas that swirl makes you doubt yours and cause some hesitation. You have to make improvements to your projects and make efforts with those around you if you want to maintain harmonious ties.gemini weekly horoscope february 24th to march 1st, 2020

Your thoughts lead you to question yourself on the heart, sometimes painful but constructive. Accept past facts, everyone has the right to make mistakes in the course and judgment! Even if you encounter obstacles, you are on the right track. Your instinct shows you the right direction in your emotional life, don’t give up!

Lack of temporary motivation or a bigger crisis? What is certain is that this professional week does not promise to be filled with fantasy! On the contrary, the sulks of colleagues, all kinds of hassles, untimely delays, in short, the party will be somewhere other than your work! No, you have experienced others and your morale is in hardened steel! Roll up your sleeves, boot up your concentration and believe your potential especially this week!

Only with yourself can you best find the truth about your inner motivations. The relational unrest that reigns at the moment makes you doubt certain ideas, personal opinions or projects … Relativize external influences and take the time to think about the calm before making any decision.

Money and Luck
The contracts or the business started a few weeks ago are barely starting to generate income. This proves that you know how to manage your boat very well. This week you receive good news regarding your finances, but be careful not to ignite yourself, the context is favorably provided you keep an eye on your expenses. Make you happy, yes, but everything being careful. Gemini Luck Today

Your activities and projects are at the center of your concerns. You are not unemployed and you could sometimes feel a little rushed by a sky that turns at times to the storm. If you remain realistic and if you respect your limits, you will be able to embark on your entourage in your dreams, with the means to reach them and by continuing to secure your rear.

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