How to get Eva Longoria’s ponytail as in Cannes Red Carpet

How to get Eva Longoria’s ponytail

There are still a few days left to continue enjoying the Cannes Film Festival, one of the most glamorous events in the world where the stars of film and fashion make their mythical stroll through the network carpet. One of them was the actress Eva Longoria, who paraded through Cannes in a majestic golden dress full of details of the Marchesa firm.

To complete her look, the American actress opted for a collection, a low textured ponytail with volume that can be the perfect ally for a special occasion. If this summer you have a family event or a party that you want to go impeccable, join this chic and elegant ponytail, ideal for a wedding, an informal party or a more intimate family event.

Easy to make, fresh, comfortable and very flattering, it’s the perfect S.O.S hairstyle for when you do not have time to go to the beauty salon. We teach you to do it step by step. Attention!

Eva Longoria’s hairstyle in Cannes Red carpet

Eva Longoria can boast of having a radiant mane. With discreet caramel highlights that give light to your hair and harmonize your face, Eva has a color suitable for your skin tone. Although the actress now wears her shorter mane, she does not give up the pickups and often uses them on the red carpet. One of them is this collection so spectacular.

To do this, wash your hair as usual and then dry with your head down to gain volume. Then apply a volumizing spray. You can use a spray of sea water to get that wavy beach effect so flattering.

When your hair is completely dry, gently comb back and bring all the mane to the nape of the neck. Card the top layer a bit to gain volume. Hold all the hair with a thin rubber on the nape of the neck, but do not over tighten it. It will be better if you leave it a bit loose. Fasten with a few hairpins and slightly curl the pigtail with a pair of tongs or the iron. Apply some lacquer to set and go!

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