Grand Theft Auto V is fourth best selling game ever in history

There are already 75 million copies of ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ on the market, the fourth best-selling game ever

Take Two has told us how the accounts have gone in this last quarter, something that probably will matter to few people, but the producer has shared some data on sales of video games that help us to understand a phenomenon like GTA, and more specifically the Success of Grand Theft Auto V.

gta v

The title has seen impressive sales since it appeared in September 2013 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360: 75 million units. The fact of being a multiplatform title has helped to reach this point, a couple of years later we saw it work on Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It would have to specify between units sold and distributed, but that is a rather complicated operation From our position, and we do not think it will subtract one bit from the success of GTA.

If we go to the list of best-selling games in history, the section that contains those that have appeared on various platforms, there we find the Grand Theft Auto V as the fourth title. Being the most modern of those competing with him on this particular list.

In the first position is Tetris, which without countless pirate versions in the world of video games, has recorded sales of 495 million units since in 1984 saw the light. More modern in time, and still alive, we have Minecraft, which since 2011 has collected 108 million units sold.

The third title belongs to Nintendo and came with the successful Wii, hence it had so many people. We talked about Wii Sports, born in 2006, and with almost 83 million units sold.

A successful family

What really impresses is that Take-Two can not only boast of GTA V, if we look at the rest of the family of games created under the same franchise, few can say that they have not been a success: San Andreas reached 27.5 million In sales, GTA IV another 25 million, Vice City about 20 million, and the oldest GTA III spent 17 million units sold.

Among the last results presented also tell us that other titles have worked very well the market: we have Mafia III with more than 5 million units sold, or Civilization VI, that already passed the million and a half. The ‘Civilization’ are already close to reaching 40 million titles since the franchise was released in 1991.

Special mention has the basketball game NBA 2K17, which has managed to put on the market 7 million copies, is 10% more than the corresponding title to 2016.

Without wanting to be very heavy with the accounts it is necessary to say that in Take-Two have been entered 476,5 million dollars, that is 15% more than the previous year. 240 million come from digital platforms. There were losses of 30 million dollars in the quarter.

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