Horizon Zero Dawn Review of Sony’s Sandbox

Horizon Zero Dawn Review Sony’s Sandbox is the First Big Gem of the Year

‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ is ‘Far Cry 4’, ‘Monster Hunter’, ‘The Witcher 3’ and ‘Tomb Raider’, a cocktail in which you get the best of each of those games taking them to their terrain, creating something Unique and full of charisma. ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ is, in an even shorter summary than that, a real game.

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It seems to me the best way to start talking about him because surely many, like me until a few days ago, had the fly behind the ear with the new Guerrilla Games. Nothing to fear, PS4 kicks off the year with an absolute must.

The influences of Horizon Zero Dawn

With an industry that increasingly turns to open experiences in which the player has the possibility to face the adventure as he pleases, the fear of the generic, the gameplay created by patches of things that work, was one of the Main reasons why ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ has been pulling me back since its announcement.

It may not be too fair to make this comparison, but I think it will serve to understand the concept. For those who write these lines ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ aimed to be a game Ubisoft brand, meaning an open world plagued with dots on the map that represent collectibles or missions, something that equals you for an Assassin’s Creed that for A ‘Ghost Recon: Wildlands’, the only differentiating point being its setting or how it faces its playability.

I do not mean that Horizon Zero Dawn does not drink directly from that source, it does it because it is a fantastic strategy to create this kind of experiences, but along the way it manages to make it its own by giving each element a differentiating factor capable of avoiding That we fall into the monotony of being doing all the while the same.

There are great ideas behind the game, most inherited from those four games we commented at the beginning and that, by way of comparative to shape where the shots go, will serve as an example of where the shots go in the following analysis.

Aloy, a warrior princess

Strong, independent and charismatic woman embarks on an adventure in which she tries to find out where she comes from and where she goes while fighting against rival tribes and robots with the appearance of dinosaurs. That could be the simplified plot of ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’, a story whose twists are appreciated, although they come from afar, in which Aloy and his character become absolute protagonists, thus giving life to an avatar that you care about and With which he feels at all times to be at the controls.

Despite its apparent simplicity, that of a dystopian future story that you could start to intuit from the first trailers, the game manages to keep an eye on what is happening in the adventures of the young girl by presenting intrigues that are interesting to solve.

What has happened to humanity? Where did all those robots come from? What role does Aloy play in such an eggplant? Through Horizon Zero Dawn’s cinematic, you’ll uncover details and take you by the hand of the bulk of the subject, while the possibility of collecting audio or text files complements the option to investigate further in all the plots of the game if you Want to go deeper.

Unfortunately the points where you find this type of files are usually areas where there are several of them at your disposal, so you have to choose between save them for later or fight you with the possibility that an audio file overlaps with the comments of Aloy as you advance. A lesser evil with easy solution.
The open world made in Sony

The strategy to approach Horizon Zero Dawn is that of any other sandbox, you start in a zone of the map and the errands and main missions that are at your disposal you are gradually showing new zones, robots and challenges.

Completing the two main branches that your story proposes can take you about 20 or 25 hours, depending on your ability to read how to approach each situation, but after that you will have dozens of secondary missions to complete and a good handful of collectibles And secrets to which to hunt.

The main thing to keep in mind about this last is that beyond the main story, the missions and secondary activities proposed by ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ are just as interesting and fun. From there comes the idea of ​​comparing it to ‘The Witcher 3’, and is that although many of them will have us wandering from here to there or wiping out enemies from an area, the story behind it or the new scenarios it tackles (most They sites that you have not gone through following the main story) are your best asset to have you hooked for a good few more hours.

Whether it’s a time trial in which you must hunt X robots taking advantage of the environment, climbing giant dinosaurs to clear the fog of a map area, or visiting a village lost in the mountains to find out why dinosaurs are docile animals that live together With a tribe of shamans, completing ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ at 100% is not only a recommended experience, it is a process that you want to carry on your back.

Hunting Dinosaurs in Horizon Zero Dawn

And above its history or surprises, fancy because it is a terribly fun game. Robot hunting is the main premise of a game that, at times, will also have us exploring ruins or climbing mountains in the purest ‘Tomb Raider’ style, including in that cocktail the palomitous action of scripted sequences in which the stage collapses Or you have to run to escape an explosion.

But although the plataformo has its grace and is entertaining, never a challenge, the great trick of ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ is to get us to hunt robots ranging from a speed-looking looker to giant crocodiles capable of massacring both in water and in Earth.

If the game turns the task of dealing with these bugs into fun is simply forget the possibility of putting an arch in your hands and say “shoot at discretion” to give you a more tactical combat than action game.

The idea is that you use all the weapons you have at your disposal, from the arrows with different elemental damage to ropes with anchor able to stop the animal momentarily and attack you face to face with your spear, to face the battle from a strategic point.

Take for example one of the game robots, a multi-legged spider tank that launches missile salvoes (among other attacks).

The issue is that every time you make your frame opens in different parts to vent the heat generated, at which point you can attack with a precision arrow, more damage but less recharge speed, to take away a good amount of life Is marked with numbers to highlight your difference.

Now imagine that you can use your fire arrows to end up causing burn damage to the target (represented on it to show with a circle when that state is reached) and cause the robot to go to the state of ventilation more frequently. Or better yet, focus your attack on one of your weapons or accessories to end up eliminating one of your skills.

All robots require a strategy, initially as simple as shooting the eye and subsequently complicating to limits of real stress, but the idea of ​​having to study each robot, its parts and their attack patterns, is one of the most satisfying experiences Which I have had in a long time. It is to stand before a giant bull and say, I will give cakes to the card, but to live an epic battle in which patience and skill end up giving you victory and a bug to cut.

Survival, RPG and looteo

If it is important to face all the bugs we can during our travels is because, thanks to these pieces and the materials that we get when finishing robots and other enemies, we can manage not only the ammunition of each of our weapons, but also the possibility of Improve accessories like the ability of arrows of our quiver or the amount of potions that we can carry.

This is complemented by the purchase of weapons or clothes that will improve our resistance or attack with elemental damages, but also with the possibility of healing us with the plants that we find scattered throughout the mapping.

It should be noted, however, that it is not a game that requires all the time collecting garbage from the ground, and is that although the collection system could be more comfortable, it will only take a few seconds to collect everything and the gameplay does not transform it into A continuous and indispensable need.

Add there the need to kill enemies in the most professional way possible, for example with head shots or destroying parts of the machines, to get points that make us more bearable levels rise and, with it, unlock skills to a Higher speed.

These, fun and sometimes essential to end robots with greater ease, will range from increasing the time of slow motion when aiming with the arc to call on mounts without the need to sabotage them previously to move at a faster speed on the map, but Also others such as increasing the damage of our stealth attack or extracting more objects from a fallen enemy.

The opinion of VidaExtra

However, Horizon Zero Dawn is one of those games that will hook you from beginning to end, not necessarily because of the desire you have to discover what is hidden behind its history or what movie rides scaling risks are waiting for you, also for the attractive To face new and tougher enemies and what strategies await you in those battles.

Clear areas of corrupt robots or go through bot factories that will allow you to sabotage new species and then use them to your advantage in combat, are just a sample of everything that awaits you in the game when you get tired of helping villagers or continue the story . Added that not only add hours because yes with generic missions, they also manage to give you a concrete personality to each challenge so that you always want to deviate from the path.

Guerrilla Games has done well to abandon ‘Killzone’ and jump to ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ because it has managed to bring to life a formula almost perfect and a superb game that comes to raise the catalog of PS4, even more if possible, to the Olympus.

One more example of how much video games need to be continually reinvented and, in the process, try to provide the greatest possible identity and quality to each of the aspects that make it up. This open world is the best example that neither genre is completely burned and that new IPs can also be an option in this industry. The only thing they need to function is a sack of affection and another of quality, and ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ has several sacks of both loaded to the back. It is, for those of us who are fans of this type of adventures, our particular Santa Claus at the beginning of the year.

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