Horoscope of the Aries Woman, her character and personality

This is the way of being this zodiac sign according to the horoscope

The character of a person is the way he has to show his personality. A personality that develops throughout life, based on experiences and learning, but whose first influence are the stars. In effect, the sign of the zodiac sets the tone of our personality. That is why we are investigating the horoscope of the Aries woman, to know her character and personality.

Personality and Characteristics of Aries Woman

attractive personality of aries woman

Aries woman personality

The Aries woman has a proactive, dynamic personality that needs to be doing or planning a thousand things at once. We are facing a struggling woman with a great capacity for leadership who likes to organize and also does it effectively. However, they do not listen to any kind of criticism or reservations about her way of acting.

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With great confidence in herself, the Aries woman possesses the charm of those who are full of vitality and energy. Its dynamism is contagious because, in addition, this woman has luck on her side and usually achieves what is proposed. Very often, her overwhelming and determined personality is an example for others.

Aries woman character

The Aries woman is a determined woman, she is not afraid to risk and she is not slow in making her choices. Impulsivity is one of its most outstanding characteristics and the result of that impulsivity can lead to success in most cases. She also has an optimistic spirit that does not come down easily.

Maybe because of her need to always be active, her mind does not stop designing alternatives to survive the bad spells. This independent woman does not lack a fun and original touch that makes her irresistible, nor a curious and restless mind that turns her into a box of surprises.
The woman of Aries sign is a dreamer and romantic, in love she can overflow with passionate feelings, and her attitude in jealous and disproportionate. Due to Martian fire, it is intense and persistent (once the fire of Eros is lit), but, like fire in dry straw (passion) it passes quickly and without a trace.

Your partner cannot be strong like her, because this would create great conflicts, as in the case of the authoritarian Leo man. They have a very developed sense of protection towards their partner and do not like very much not to fulfill their purpose. Although it seems incredible, you can succumb to someone stronger than her, and this will be a lasting love.

Dreams of Aries Women

With a surprising physical capacity, they are always in search of leadership. They do not indulge in the difficulties of life and face problems with surprising energy. However, it tends to take hasty, impulsive and somewhat aggressive attitudes. Your most typical dreams involve hunting or games. They also dream of amorous adventures, where they release their aggressiveness and their hidden emotions.

How they kiss

Aries kiss with the whole body. She pulsates, she surrenders at the same time, she dominates. They run their mouths with hot, dominating kisses. They do not give themselves easily to superficial kisses since they like to feel the emotion and intense energy of that special moment.

Their behavior

The sign of Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, symbolizes the beginning of everything. It is the sign of the beginnings, which projects at the present moment, with its great pulse of life, the idea or the desire. Aries symbolizes the moment of birth and the struggle for life. It is based on the fight that something is won and Aries likes to give a good fight, in which he can concentrate all her faith and mind.

The strength of instinct, which paves the way for difficulties, motivated only by the desire to impose. Before the weighting, Aries shrugs: what matters is the enthusiasm of the fight for something that has to happen. Then, recklessness, impatience, the affirmation of an independent desire, that does not obey the rules, is its mark marked by fire.
That is why this is a sign that rarely submits to the wills of others, to considerations of adequacy. This can be manifested in the firmness of their convictions and in the independence of their behavior. The lie puzzles her and hypocrisy confuses her.