Horoscope challenges of the year 2018 for the 12 astrological signs

Horoscope challenges of the year 2018 for the 12 astrological signs

If 2017 has brewed our sky, shoved our bearings, and sometimes weakened our bases, 2018 seems to calm the game. Jupiter distributes cards in 2018 and joins forces with Neptune and Pluto to strengthen our societies, raise debates and allow us to look at our lives from another angle, that of solidarity and important awareness. Let’s get ready to roll up our sleeves and open our minds to the novelty we have been waiting for, and for most of us, we were hoping so much.


In 2018, Aries takes responsibility, agrees to roll up its sleeves, and assumes what needs to be (especially at work) to progress on all terrains. Not without paying his person but with the opportunity to make things happen quickly and make the most of the efforts (financial, among others) efforts. Increased intuition and a live connection to the subtle worlds? What better to exploit your potential until the fall and hope, from November 8, deploy your wings too, without further ado, take off.


In 2018, Taurus has the ambition and desire to push the boundaries of the possible. Uranus, who visits him between May and November, could bring new ideas and a revolutionary program that could shake up our placid sign, but which should reflect long-cherished hopes. On the sentimental level, you engage (or disengage) this year for the best, you find the rare pearl and you embark on the adventure, in new inspired and inspiring life projects.


In 2018, Gemini will enjoy great social and professional opportunities that will allow them to access an ideal, to achieve a mission that matters to them. No doubt, between May and November, they will benefit from occult influences or secret support that will encourage their development and financially reinforce their initiatives. Waiting for the end of the year when Jupiter will favor the prestigious and advantageous alliances and will make you want to commit sentimentally for a long time and professionally to your advantage.


In 2018, Cancer scrutinizes sentimental commitments and professional associations. No more question of living your dreams but to realize an ideal and live up to your expectations on all levels. Open your eyes between May and November when Uranus opens doors for you and can lead you to exciting new projects, even if you have to change everything. Until November 8, Jupiter should fulfill your wishes on the sentimental level (beautiful meeting, backfire, baby.), strengthen your creativity and endow the intuition, inspiration necessary to successfully push your limits.


In 2018, the Lion in search of more intimacy will seek to improve his conditions, his living environment, and that of his relatives. He will be able to count on Jupiter and a celestial climate favorable to his blossoming to anchor himself elsewhere or otherwise, to move the lines harmoniously in a family, and to transform his daily life inadequacy with his desires. If he feels a little cramped in his work and sometimes bends under load, the summer could offer him opportunities to renew himself, to change job or method. Beginning November 8th, there will be love, intoxicating encounters, exciting flashbacks, and exalted creativity.


In 2018, the Virgin communicates quickly and well and could by November make valuable alliances. She knows who to partner with to thrive and reach peaks and can count on inspired partners to move forward together for success. In love, singles can hope for promising encounters that will make them want to engage and couples will enjoy good Jupiter waves to restore breath to their union, close ranks around a passionate and exciting communication. Nothing tepid or boring to live so in 2018 but the opportunity (especially during the summer) to further expand your horizons and push the boundaries of the possible.


In 2018, Libra thrives, develops its talents, fully exploits its potentials, and uses its talents to improve the ordinary and live a life worthy of its dreams. A beautiful inspiration that should contribute to giving color to his life and to a daily that escaped him too often or did not keep all his promises. These beautiful trends will help some to take on some extra responsibilities like a family and others to see life in pink. Starting Nov. 8, Jupiter allows you to meet new people, gain the support of prominent and influential personalities to take your boat to your destination, and deliver your messages with flying colors and success.


In 2018, the Scorpion welcomes Jupiter within it until November 8th. The opportunity for this sign on the quest (conscious or unconscious) of perpetual metamorphosis to evolve at a high speed. In business, you will benefit from strong currents likely to place in your path important beings who will participate in your success and encourage your initiatives. . Idem on the emotional plane where the singles could find love with a big A and where the duos will live great moments of exaltation and complicity. An inspiring year but not free of surprises. Especially during the summer when Uranus might invite you to break with the routine, the past and force you to renew your commitments in one way or another.


In 2018, Sagittarius sees Saturn moving away, which since December 2014, forced him to refound his personality and his life based on lessons learned from the past. Now it’s time to do something. Saturn will take care of it and Jupiter, lurking in the shadow of your sign, will assist him effectively. Your desires could then take shape, your sense of values and priorities will evolve, especially this summer where the sky could propose to you to change job, methods or to instill in your existence a small (or big) dose of novelty. Meanwhile, Jupiter, on November 8, invests your sign for a year and then gives you the reins and all the reasons to hope for the best.


In 2018, Capricorn should, under the tutelage of his master Saturn present at his side, refocus on himself, define what really matters to him and get out of the pressure and the surrounding demands to determine what he now wants to ask and live. A process of maturation that will take time but that will allow him to be surer of himself and the options he wants to focus on in the future. Bet on the summer (August-September) to open other doors (in love, creative) and on Jupiter until early November to fire plans on the comet, to make friends, or to restore order in your circle according to the priorities that your new maturity recommends to you.


In 2018, Aquarius must contend with Saturn who urges him to look back on his past, to understand what he must keep or eliminate to move lighter. It is a question of turning a page (or several) but also to open others, especially on the family pan. This summer, Uranus will make things happen (August-September). Until early November, your social rise mobilizes your attention and should bring you some well-deserved gratifications (but not without paying your person). From November 8th place to new projects and, for some, to a new life.


In 2018, Pisces thirsts to expand their horizons, to push their limits. Until early November, Jupiter strengthens their ambitions (whether sentimental or professional), and this summer, new ideas, perspectives, and life orientations could emerge. It is now a question of making long-term plans, of constructing according to an ideal, of giving shape to it. Count on Neptune, master of your sign, and currently present by your side to inspire you, guide you, and allow you to go from dream to reality this year.

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