Horoscope Scorpio Friday 7 April 2017 keep Calm

Horoscope Scorpio Predictions Friday 7 April 2017 Take Calm Unforeseeable Facts

Take care of your friends and the people you care about most. The relationship should not be complicated by issues that are not relevant and may be immature acts.

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The confidences that make you a friend, are confidences and you should not reveal them to anyone no matter how much someone can insist. It is something that should remain between you and no one else.

If you say something, your confidence in you can be affected and your relationship with you changes immediately. Do not lose anyone’s friendship for anything of no importance, if they trust you, you must respond to that trust with responsibility.

This friday will be several events that will catch your attention. What seemed distant or difficult to get starts to take shape in your daily life and even come up with unexpected propositions that will cheer you up.

In a personal encounter, telephone call or contact through a social network in the computer you will have the opportunity to share ideas with who will be very receptive, in love and work. With Saturn retrograde you must be careful, fine tune your intentions at all times.

Horoscope Love Scorpio Friday 7 April 2017

The Moon is transiting by the sign of Leo moving towards Virgo. The planets Venus and Jupiter continue retrograde, and begins the retrograde transit of Saturn. The others are direct. Avoid compromising situations and do not let yourself be influenced by gossip and entanglement people. Apply at all times your great scorpion intuition.

Horoscope Health Scorpio Friday 7 April 2017

If you suffer a new discomfort or a worrying pain you should go to your doctor and consult that Dr. so that you do not tire yourself thinking that you are suffering from something bad, when the truth is that many disorders, in this cycle, come from an excess of imagination and tension.

Horoscope Work Scorpio Friday 7 April 2017

Trust more in your capacity and always act responsibly, you will see how finally your experience triumphs and benefits you. Go ahead because your constancy and attitude are the ones that will give you the key to success.

Horoscope Money and Luck Scorpio Friday 7 April 2017

You are taking concrete steps in a stimulating cycle in your financial sector associated with short trips, purchases and sales abroad. Follow your dreams and hunches as there is the possibility of a lucky break in a raffle or contest that will give you money unexpectedly.

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