Aries Horoscope Zodiac and its characteristics

Aries is a fire sign that is dominated by Mars and Pluto, which offer you the great amount of energy and strength you have inside.

Date: March 21 – April 20.
Fire element.
Colors: Any shade in red.
Planet Mars.
Personality: Angry, extrovert.
Lucky Number: 8.
Compatibility: Sagittarius and Leo.zodiac aries in 2017

Aries The First Zodiac Sign
Aries The First Zodiac Sign

How is Aries in love? They are very active and very dynamic, which we like to be at home or quiet. They love fun and adventure more than anything else in the world and are often able to take the lead in extreme situations. This can lead them to take, on certain occasions, paths that will work well for them, but they will also find ways to straighten out their mistakes and move on with their lives.

Belongs to one of the twelve signs of the zodiac, this sign is represented by the ram, the planet that governs it is Mars, the element to which it belongs is fire, which provides enthusiasm, independence and aggressiveness in love relationships. They tolerate well the pressure and the risk, which makes them ideal for any type of work that requires these qualities. However, they should be done for once in a while, as they are often very instinctive and do not pay much attention to reflection.

Aries Horoscope Career and Work in 2019

Positive and negative personality traits of Aries

They like to feel good about their partner and, even though it may cost them to choose it, when they have done it is for life. They are very patient, thoughtful, romantic and original, which will make relationships with them the best any sign can have. However, the fact that they are so instinctive and do not reflect much, can bring complications, from time to time, with the couple, since they often say things without much thought when they are in tension.

Positive Characteristics of Aries

  • They are essentially leaders, so they prefer to give orders and instructions to receive them, which helps them to excel in the different work and academic activities they acquire.
  • Although they often get angry quickly and are not spiteful, which means they forget offenses quickly, having the same deal with people.
  • Aries are very athletic, especially when these activities have to do with extreme sports or adventure, as they have a lot of energy to use.
  • They are very free people, pioneers in many activities, they like to carry out projects that require a high degree of adventure, they are lovers of the challenges, for which they manage to be very imaginative, for which they generate striking and shocking ideas.

Negative Characteristics of Aries

  • People who belong to this sign can become very selfish, because they have their goals and goals above those of others.
  • They do not like riddles, or half-relationships, whether they are working, academic or sentimental.
  • They prefer clear things otherwise they can become violent and offensive.
  • People belonging to this sign, when leaders or heads of a work group can be intolerant and arrogant, which generates non-conducive work environments, despite their great ability to lead, taking into account their innovative ideas and enthusiasm To achieve many goals, as long as you consider them in your own goals.
  • Aries must control their emotions to the maximum, because they are aggressive and explosive by nature, which can explode for insignificant things, causing a great fuss.

Some other feature are as under;

They are lovers of order at home and are always willing to help at home. The activities that most like to do with your partner are going to the movies, going out to dinner, being with friends, staying at home to enjoy the tranquility of the home, etc. They adapt easily to all plans that have the couple or friends, although they need activity to burn all the energy in them. Therefore, they are lovers of sport and practice it several times a week.

If we want to get to seduce an Aries we should be very open and fun people, with whom an Aries can talk about everything with confidence. Trusting the partner is very important to them, so if they feel that they will not be able to trust this person, it will be difficult for them to take a risk in a relationship. They like interesting people, who know how to have good conversations and intelligent. But they also need people who want to venture and share with them the excitement and adventure. A fiery and very affectionate person, Aries often ask for very little to be happy, but they offer everything they can with the heart, which shows how generous they can become when they truly love.

Interesting data.
The lucky number for Aries is 8, his day of the week is Tuesday and his colors are red and orange, symbolizing the passion and energies that are enclosed within them.