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Daily Aquarius Horoscope

Daily Aquarius Horoscope Love, Work, Health and Money in 2022

Daily Aquarius Horoscope: The sign of Aquarius is the eleventh zodiac sign, the last sign of Air that symbolizes the middle of winter. This sign is governed by the planet Uranus – planet of change. Aquarius is related to House XI, home of friendship, projects, dreams, and hopes!

The first decan begins on January 21st and ends on January 31st. He is ruled by Venus. The natives of the first decan are very optimistic and could become eccentric.

The second decan begins on February 1 and ends on February 10 and is ruled by Uranus. The Aquarians of this 2nd decan reflect a lot and need to engage in real intellectual challenges.

The third decan begins on February 11 and ends on February 18. Governed by Neptune is a very sensitive sign and very inclined to dream!

Aquarius is a sign that loves life, never gets bored and is very stable in his emotions. He looks for all kinds of new ideas that he wants to share with others. It’s a real chance to meet an Aquarius who will make you forget sadness, dark ideas and bad feelings!

His ingenuity surprises and annoys sometimes, but Aquarius is an independent with an exaggerated taste for excessiveness and even chaos. Aquarius appreciates the fauna and the flora because they are sources of regeneration. Her favorite flower, the orchid, is in her image: complex and graceful at the same time.

At work, Aquarius appreciates freedom in a broad sense: freedom of thought but also of action. Aquarius will flourish especially in works related to humanism, to exploration. In a general way, everything that has a new character attracts him. Very curious, he needs diversity, renewal and innovative technologies and science attract him particularly. Perfectionist, willing to do anything to keep his autonomy, Aquarius can show an emotional aspect especially in the way he settles conflicts. He is an idealist.

Independent like all the signs of air, Aquarius often shows its extravagant profile. His insurance can annoy just like his detachment that he likes to cultivate. This self-sufficient being hides a very sensitive, even hypersensitive facet. Difficult to define, not very jealous, Aquarius is borrowing of liberty even when it comes to engage. Contradictory, he is also looking for stability. Aquarius, however, finds it very difficult to bear the union; that’s why he needs to be trusted regularly.

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