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Daily Capricorn Horoscope

Daily Capricorn Horoscope Love, Health, Money and Work in 2022

Capricorn Horoscope: The sign of Capricorn, the cardinal mode, is the last zodiac sign of the Earth element. This sign is governed by the planet Saturn, which symbolizes the sense of duty and perseverance, and is heralding the arrival of winter. Capricorn is linked to House X, a house that embodies success, honors in a word ambition!

The first decan begins on December 22nd and ends on January 2nd. He is ruled by Jupiter. The natives of the first decan in a great sense of justice!
The second decan begins on January 3 and ends on January 11. The sign is ruled by Mars which gives it a surplus of energy. The third decan begins on January 12 and ends on January 20. It is governed by Saturn but also by Uranus which will make it somewhat eccentric.

Capricorn does not appreciate the changes. This landlady is struggling to change course when he is on the path he has chosen. This lack of adaptability is often criticized, although he often assumes a unifying role within a group.

Loving domination, Capricorn appreciates all lasting and stable relationships. Full of humor, this mischievous sign, however, knows how to put a little spice from time to time especially when he feels in danger. Patience is one of his keywords.

At work, Capricorn, ambitious and smart at the same time, is a hard worker. He will carry out all the work entrusted to him with seriousness and thoroughness. This tenacity will quickly distinguish him from others in a group because he is, moreover, inherently wise. This personality loves domination; the Capricorn will, therefore, feel at ease in the functions of leaders or managers with strong responsibilities.

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