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Daily Libra Horoscope

Daily Libra Horoscope of Love, Work, Money and Health in 2020

Your Libra Horoscope: The sign of Libra, the seventh sign of the zodiac, evolves in full autumn. This sign is governed by the planet Venus, the symbol of Love! Libra is related to House VII, the house of marriage, contracts, unions.

The first decan begins on September 23 and ends on October 3. It is ruled by the Moon and Venus. The natives of the first decan are emotional and very often follow their feelings. The second decan begins on October 4 and ends on October 14. It is ruled by Saturn and Venus. The 2nd Decan Balances need others and have a sense of justice. The third decan begins on October 15 and ends on October 23. It is ruled by Jupiter and Venus. The natives of the 3rd decan are very sociable and love adventure.

Libra is often indecisive. Her tendency to selfishness often makes her seem superficial. She too often doubts the validity of her ideas, her values, which makes her too permeable to strong personalities.

Libra loves to live in peace, always promotes harmony despite the truth and appreciates her commitment to her. Excellent diplomat, she will always be able to get out of a situation that bores him. The leak is its outlet valve because it is very sensitive!

At work, Libra is very diplomatic. A fine mediator, she knows how to act with both tact and discernment. Intuitive, the Libra knows how to develop strategies based on the lie sometimes to embellish things and arrive more quickly at its ends. In this situation, this sign will be careful to keep some of the truth so as not to lose the face completely if it is revealed. Fleeing conflict, this sign of Air will be forgotten if the situation bothers him. Although he is comfortable with the role of the mediator, he will move the problem rather than settle it.

Libra Horoscope of Woman: The Libra woman is very sensual and knows how to attract his half by playing his trumps. She is an excellent lover, wife, who knows how to seduce, charm and always has a nice word!

Libra Horoscope of Man: The Libra man, kind, sincere and imaginative, knows how to be very romantic by constantly worrying about the happiness of his half! It’s a real treat to have him on his side – knowing that he is also resting on his spouse to take on some of the responsibilities he runs away from!

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