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Daily Pisces Horoscope

Daily Pisces Horoscope of Love, health, Work, and Money in 2020

Pisces Horoscope: The sign of Pisces, the last sign of Zodiac Water, symbolizes the end of winter. This sign is ruled by the planet Neptune (God of the Sea), the planet that causes doubt! The fish is related to the House XII, house of the tests therefore of the emotions.

The first decan begins on February 19th and ends on February 28th. It is ruled by Saturn. The natives of the first decan have a very rich interior life and aspire to reach a quest often unrealizable. The second decan begins on March 1 and ends on March 10. He is ruled by Jupiter. Pisces of the 2nd decan are philosophers and are interested in all human questions. The third decan begins on March 11 and ends on March 20. It is ruled by Mars. The natives of the 3rd decan can have two personalities: either a personality turned towards oneself; be a nervous personality.

Pisces is a sensitive, emotional sign that knows how to be very patient and very dedicated. He remains modest in all circumstances, which sometimes gives him that detached side of things and realities.

Pisces has a taste for mystical things, for everything that changes its everyday life and routine. He also enjoys luxury and everything related to creativity. Easily impressionable, Pisces bears pain but remains very receptive to the misfortunes of others.

At work Pisces, which is the sign of Water par excellence, appreciate everything that is related in any way to this element. They feel comfortable in an environment that gives them enough freedom because they only support the discipline moderately. They will truly be in their place in functions that combine the arts and creativity. He excels in human professions: social medicine, education. His sensitivity as a sonar, allows him to identify the needs of others with amazing accuracy.

The Pisces Woman is generally sweet, romantic, and very dreamy. She can blend completely into the personality of her half to please her and keep her well. She is a devoted, very affectionate woman who has difficulty saying ‘no’.

The Pisces man is an excellent father who likes to play his role as an educator with his children. He is a man who is also very considerate of his half, romantic and profound. Lymphatic in nature and mutable sign, he lives according to his emotions. He will sometimes run away from his responsibilities for fear of getting involved.

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