Taurus Horoscope for 23rd May 2022

taurus daily horoscope monday 23rd may 2022

Today your level of concentration, security and capacity for action may be affected because you will easily disperse, the origin will be in an emotional imbalance. You have to be prepared and open to integrate new facets into your life. The sextile between Uranus and Saturn will manifest sudden changes in your personality and in … Read more

Taurus Daily Horoscope Friday May 20th 2022

taurus daily horoscope today 20th may 2022

This day you will feel unpredictable, you are often uncertain, and your moods change from one moment to another, not only up and down and vice versa, but also from side to side. You have a constant temperament throughout all the emotional changes and are usually cheerful. It is the energy of the Moon passing through the sign of Libra.

Your faith is strong, but you can’t necessarily be religious. Less structured and newer forms of belief and spiritual practice could serve you well, from astrology to vegetarianism, yoga and meditation may be of great interest to you. It is the energy of Mars trine Neptune.

The passage of Scorpio in your 7th house makes you intuitive, passionate, jealous, and possessive. You don’t like to share what you consider yours with anyone, including your partner. When you really fall in love, you do it deeply. And be careful if you discover any infidelity because you could react badly.

Taurus Compatibility with other zod... x
Taurus Compatibility with other zodiac signs

The transit of the Moon trine Saturn gives the patience and emotional strength to handle sensitive or difficult relationship matters. Other people may come to you for advice on a personal matter or simply to cry on your shoulder. Traditional values ​​and old habits can provide solutions to new problems.

No need to rant, it’s a day at least as stubborn as the good Taurus that you are. The configuration of the day pushes you to sit down what you have undertaken during the last twelve months, and try to follow the movement. It is said of Taurus that his specialty is to light fires, but not to maintain them: it’s time to prove the opposite.


You are sociable, and friendly and you love an exciting conversation. You need someone with whom you can feel an intellectual and emotional relationship. For now, you don’t like to be alone, you need someone to make you alone all the time. It is the energy of the Moon in Libra.

Today is not a day of action but of reflection… If you had in mind to make big decisions during the day, it would be better to give yourself a little more time. Even if you have a sense of urgency, that the pressure is growing, rushing would really be a mistake. Try to isolate yourself to reflect and if necessary take some advice. Only start when you really feel ready!


At the moment you still follow the sign of Libra in your 6th house and remember that this aspect could cause many skin problems, from severe acne to sunburn. Taking your precautions would be important.

Sink your teeth into the generous energy that this day offers you! It’s the perfect time to say goodbye to your old wounds and to enjoy the present moment. You may find that people are tougher than usual, so you’ll have to go with the flow so you don’t upset anyone. The more relaxed you are, the more others will feel and share your serenity with you.


The virtues of Libra in your 6th house can be complicated when you are the boss because for now this energy makes you insecure and it may be difficult for you to decide, so you can have a messy and lost work team.

Let’s say you have a certain tendency to want things to be in order. If this is indeed the case, this day may be confusing to you: nothing is going as planned, people are in the Moon, or have strange behavior in their work. You could possibly put this atmosphere to good use by allowing yourself to control your environment a little less.

Money and Luck

Today the energy to generate money is good, Mercury in your 2nd house and trine Saturn make you very responsible when it comes to spending money. So the money you earn will be very well invested and you will be generating more profits.

This day, which will begin with some annoyances, should quickly become more satisfying. However, be careful not to get too involved in projects or discussions that can bring you nothing positive, and, on the contrary, lead you to violently oppose one of your collaborators. So stay calm on the edge of the shore and wait for the tensions to disappear, you will be much better off.

Taurus Tomorrow’s Horoscope

Today is the change you dream of! Your mind may begin to consider all the remedies available to you to organize another life for yourself. Whether by accepting job offers that have already been made to you or by considering another job altogether! If this call is very powerful, still take the time to carefully weigh the pros and cons of such an upheaval. Don’t go without a net!

Taurus Horoscope Thursday May 19th 2022

taurus daily horoscope today 19th may 2022

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Taurus Horoscope Tuesday 17th May 2022

taurus daily horoscope today 17th may 2022

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Taurus Horoscope Today 13th May 2022

taurus horoscope today 13th may 2022

The benign presence of the powerful star king combined with the superior mental energy of the planet Uranus will be giving you excellent abilities to generate projects or ideas with which you will be able to generate material income through decent and honest work where you will be able to include many people so that … Read more

Taurus Horoscope Today 12th May 2022

taurus horoscope today 12th may 2022

The presence of the powerful star king and Uranus inside your house 1 will allow your deepest and most abstract thoughts to take on a better shape and be defined in such a way that you will be able to concretize and materialize those ideas that with all your bullfighting force With hard work you … Read more