How The Zodiac Signs Say Sorry or react in Apologize

How The Zodiac Signs Say Sorry or react in Apologize

It seems incredible, but an act as eminently human as it is to make mistakes, to accept mistakes and ask for forgiveness usually brings incredible complications for certain people. Surely you can remember an acquaintance at a certain moment in which he has to excuse himself for something and seems to fight against an invisible chain to take the first step and do it or another person who at the time of asking for forgiveness invades a wave of nervousness and ends up laughing or remembering things that are not relevant, anything but ask for forgiveness, this is because our ruling sign also influences the way we usually ask for forgiveness when we touch and if we do, when reading the article you will understand this exception soon.

Aries: Its natural characteristic of humility makes it one of the signs with less complications when asking for forgiveness, perhaps the only element that complicates the situation to Aries is its customary demand that everyone should strive similarly for joint goals , this means that if the team has failed in a proposed goal, he will recognize the failure, but will forcefully demand that everyone recognize it as well and correct the errors.

Taurus: It will be very, extremely difficult to look at Taurus asking for forgiveness, they usually disguise it with the most varied speeches, phrases or excuses, sometimes forgiveness seems more difficult process, but at some point they do it and it’s quite a show to watch the scene between dramatic and sad when they finally recognize their mistake. But if you have decided to pair up with someone from Taurus you should already be used to this habit, so the most that can be recommended is to help you express yourself and not put pressure on something that is as sensitive for Taurus as it is ask for forgiveness.

Gemini: He does not have any problem of pride or refusal to accept their guilt and ask for forgiveness, in Gemini the problem is that they usually put together a drama that can include a sea of tears at the moment of asking for forgiveness, just for that reason, knowing each other, people of Gemini avoid the extreme to get to the point of asking for forgiveness but, when they have no other, you can prepare to look at a novel, yes, they do it from the heart and when they have failed in something delicate you can trust that they will not do it once plus.

Cancer: Lovers of doing things well, at the moment of asking for forgiveness it is normal for Cancer to make the fault a collective issue, showing that it assumes the faults of all for being very considerate of the team, take care to point it out because until then Their desire to ask for forgiveness will come. In addition to this, Cancer is one of those who do not remain in forgiveness and immediately go on to analyze the reasons for the failure and to make sure in the best way possible (in their calculations) that it does not repeat itself anymore.

Leo: Normally it’s hard for them to recognize that they have been wrong, in fact Leo hardly fails in the most basic matters, they are orderly people, worried about their family and lovers of enjoying time with their own but always, in some way, we can all fail. The best way to understand Leo’s forgiveness is to look at his habits, if every night he reads a book and that night he has not done so, he may be in the middle of a fierce internal struggle to say the key words: “I’m sorry. ”

Virgo: Just as the Taurus seem to have been born to never ask for forgiveness and to avoid recognizing their guilt, in Virgo we have just the opposite, just something goes wrong in the relationship and the Virgo people think, that It has been their fault, consequently they ask for forgiveness for situations that sometimes have even depended on their behavior or actions. Do not try to stop them, they will cry and they will assure that it is their fault and that they feel it.

Libra: Having to ask for forgiveness creates an internal contradiction, they are humble and have no problem in doing so but they usually take great care in what they do, they look for perfection for that, at the moment of asking for forgiveness it is difficult for them to first recognize having failed in something , internally, this recognition is necessary to then reach the external signal of asking for forgiveness, that is where the short circuit for Libra is presented. Those who have argued with someone from Libra should remember how hard it is for them to accept that they failed in the execution or approach of a certain mission, even when, after recognizing it, forgiveness leaves their lips as if nothing had happened.

Scorpio: Do not waste your hopes on hearing a sincere forgiveness from Scorpio, he will look for a thousand and one ways to avoid the matter, he will even make jokes, pretending to turn the matter to the level of a joke, the truth is that Scorpio’s Beyond a feeling or belief of perfection, in reality they always need to take the reins in a relationship and asking for forgiveness is equivalent to recognizing that in some aspects they can not do well, it is their need to master what leads to this difficulty.

Sagittarius: The Sagittarius could be considered the middle term in this matter, as most have trouble recognizing errors but have no problems in asking for forgiveness, even when they are not clear about their guilt, they do not have a big ego that prevents them from doing so.

Capricorn: The reproach is the common element in the forgiveness of Capricorn. He will have no problem asking for forgiveness but if he feels very depressed, this will be accompanied by the reproach of hundreds of past situations. It does not matter if they are related to the issue in dispute, if you have to apologize for eating the last piece of cake, Capricorn suddenly, surprisingly remind you of the time you threw away a hat that ended up lost, So if you press Capricorn to ask for forgiveness, be prepared to remember each and every one of the mistakes you have made, whether or not they are consistent with the issue in question.

Aquarius: An element aggravates rather than hinder the forgiveness of Aquarius, the friends of Aquarius have the habit of believing that a missing brick immediately implies the collapse of a house, obviously not, but for that reason at the time of apologizing Aquarius he feels that he is accepting the end of everything, if it is a relationship, the moment of the apology is the moment in which everything ends for the couple, the projection of a life together, everything seems to end at that moment for those of Aquarius.

Pisces: One of the most balanced signs in the moments of greatest emotional tension, at least on the outside. Pisces will ask for forgiveness when necessary and will not show major complications but then, in the privacy and loneliness of your room, you will cry and feel your world fall apart, the balance of Pisces is more related to your need to take care of the relationship than in a feeling sincere that reassures you.

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