How to be Lucky in Life

Ways that help in How to be Lucky in Life

How to attract luck ? Do not think that luck happens by magic, by praying or carrying grigris. To be lucky it also depends on you. Discover how to bring luck, by just changing your attitude.

How to get lucky

To attract luck, you just have to become aware of bad habits, and change the way you look at things!be lucky in life

– He’s lucky, but not me

Stop envying others! Do not be devoured by jealousy, hatred and bitterness.

And what do you know, after all, if your friend, neighbor or cousin is luckier than you?

He has a nice car, a job that seems nice to you?

Why not ?

But do you really know what his life is?

Is it because we drive a nice car that we are lucky?

And even if everything seems to smile, it’s his life!
To be lucky, you have to look at your life, not the lives of others.
– I have no chance

The difficulties are the lot of all!

What can change is how we approach them and of course how to overcome them.

Unfortunate people aggravate their problems, and therefore their bad luck situation.

It is not a question of being indifferent or being casual in the face of difficulties, but of having the right attitude: that is, seeking to solve the problems that arise.

Do not moan, do not indulge in negativity and moroseness.
To be lucky, you have to develop your optimism.
– I never have a chance

By dint of seeing things in black, to see the glass half empty rather than half full, we end up letting the chance pass.

Life is not always rosy, but to complain constantly, by indulging in sinistrose, how could we attract luck?

Of course, some experience atrocious dramas, of course there is sickness, grief, loneliness, but do not always plan the worst, always hope in better days.

For the one who repeats: “I never have luck” without ever fighting, without seeking a solution, without ever wanting to take risks for a better tomorrow, probably nothing will change.

Most of our problems do not happen by chance. Nothing really happens by chance.

For one who is aware of his responsibility in his actions, the light will eventually shine.

Do not give up, never.

Fight for what you really want.

And above all, like to live, yes especially, like, a lot.

Whatever happens, one must believe in one’s luck.
– I’m out of luck, nothing happens to me

Some people come out of work to go home, their heads in their shoulders, their eyes on their shoes, without ever being interested in anything, without keeping abreast of the news of the world and the desires or problems of others .

But how do you attract luck, if you have no curiosity for others and do not care about anything?

Take an interest in the work of others, their passions, what they think!

Get out of your daily routine, every day, try to do new things: break your routines, change directions to get home, discover a street, the beauty of a building, the charm of a square, enter a store !

Move, travel!

Enrich yourself with what you read and what you see open to the world!
– I’m out of luck, neither friend nor relationship

Do you have a passion: singing, theater or mechanics?

Do you accompany your children to school, to the nursery?

Do you belong to a sports club?

Do you have a volunteer activity?

Do you participate in the social and political life of your region?

The more we work, the more we travel, the more we share, the more we practice a collective activity, the more we contribute to associations, the more we move, the more we have the chance to meet people and make friends, the more we attract luck !

Do not stay in your corner!

How could you meet people if you do not move from home?

Get out!

Multiply the meetings!

Be nice, smile, do not wait for someone to approach you, address the others with a beautiful smile, a good communicative mood and a frank look.
Chance is contagious.

Seek to surround yourself with friendly, warm and lucky people.

It does not work with anyone, no matter, talk to someone else.

And whatever happens, keep smiling!
– I’m out of luck, I’m shy

Shy? Okay ? And you will be it all your life?

While it depends only on you? Therapies exist to cure his shyness.

Do you know that most actors are shy?

But their timidity disappears just when they play a role.

So why not try to play the role of someone lucky?

Give yourself importance!

Straighten up!

Do not be afraid of your emotions!

Induce luck by smiling, going towards each other, telling yourself that you have a great life, success.
– I’m out of luck, I’m ugly

The famous courtesans of the nineteenth century were not very beautiful either.

Yet how successful they were!

Being beautiful is often an attitude.

And even, if your physical defects complex you, today anyone can get to beautify or better to make his physique interesting, if he wishes.

Too big or too skinny

It is up to you to dieting or getting fat.

And if you do not want to lose weight or grow, it is very possible to find clothes that will flatter your figure!

Physical defects
Nose too big, small breasts, naughty teeth, skin problems …

Reconstructive and aesthetic surgery consultations exist in many hospitals.

Do you want to abandon your complexes? It’s up to you to decide!
– The chance we create it!

Do not believe that luck happens by magic. The grigris, the crystal balls, the prayers to attract luck are only good for us to dream.

To attract luck, set goals! Everyone should set goals: it’s a simple way to regularly take stock of your life and then achieve your goals and progress.

For some the chance is to be happy with your family and to be able to devote more time to those they love, for others it is to succeed in your professional life, to be more free, or to live in a more great comfort.

Write down these ambitious or modest goals, on a notebook, in a precise way, by going into the details.

Step by step build your project, to allow you to progress regularly towards your final goal.

Obviously if you just write on your notebook: I want to be rich and famous it will be much more difficult.

Think big, but remove from your list impossible goals.

Achieving our goals depends a lot on our desire.

By transforming your vague dreams into a palpable and realistic project you will succeed in getting what you want:
To have good luck !