How to improve self-esteem 7 ways to love yourself more

How to improve self-esteem: 7 ways to love yourself more

Love yourself more. Love yourself better.

Surely you’ve seen this multitude of pages before or you’ve heard a lot of people talk about self-esteem, how important it is, how to improve it, but they could not even tell what it is. And if something is not known it is impossible to change it.

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So first I will define self-esteem and then indicate 7 very effective ways to improve it.

7 Ways to Improve Your Self-Esteem

1. Learn to accept yourself and change what you do not like about you.

As we said before, if we do not know something it is impossible that we can change it, so knowing yourself is the first step to know what aspects make us feel good about ourselves and what aspects we do not like and we must change.

2. Develop your intrinsic motivation

The intrinsic motivation is that which is born from within the person. It pursues to satisfy the desires of self-realization and personal growth. If we can develop it, we will manage in a much more productive and positive way the events that will happen in our daily life.

3. Do not live in the past

Reliving unpleasant or painful moments that we could live in the past will do nothing but diminish our self-esteem for the soil. The past is past and can not be changed. But you know what? This, this from here, the now, is what we can enjoy, is what we can change, so if you look back, let it be just to gain momentum.

4. Recognize your talents and potentials to the maximum

Do not cut yourself in singing on the street if that’s what you’re good at, or show your friends how good you are doing right. Knowing that we can do and do good things helps us feel empowered and satisfied with ourselves, which helps our self-esteem increase.

5. Bring Love to the Flag

To lend a hand to that woman with the bag, to help cross an old lady, or any act of love towards any living thing, gives us great comfort. Do not hesitate to bring your dose of love to all those you cross today.

6. Learn to say no

Never let yourself be manipulated, despised, subjected, etc. for someone. You must learn to say no and not feel bad doing it. Knowing how to do it will make you feel better about yourself. This post will help you how

7. Dream but live

Dream in reality. Fight for your dreams with all the strength you have, but never lift your feet off the ground. To fight for your dreams knowing how to fit them with reality is what will give you the keys to access your happiness. This post will help you how: 6 Reasons why you should pursue your dreams
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