How to interpret a natal chart by a easy astrology Way

Although we are not astrologers it is possible that we can interpret a natal chart or astral chart if we consider some data. The astral chart is a map of the personality and the different aspects that affect a person. Not just the personality! but can be a map of the soul’s deepest impulses.

There are many variants in the analysis of a natal chart, however we can take into account some essential data and through them we can make a summary and draw successful conclusions.full natal chart description

How to analyze and interpret a natal chart

The twelve houses: The natal chart is a very clear map divided into twelve portions or zones. Each area corresponds to a house. The natal chart is distributed in twelve houses, these astrological houses contain the signs in order. Each house corresponds to a sign and has the energy of this sign.

House one corresponds to the sign of Aries and then continues the order in a form identical to the order that the signs have, that is to say, house two corresponds to Taurus, house three to Gemini, etc. The primary analysis that is done of a letter corresponds exactly to identify the houses and to see the planets that are in each one of these houses. Of course you have to take into account the ascendant to know how these houses are organized or rather, where one house begins.

The Ascendant: The ascendant in a natal chart is calculated from the birth schedule. This ascending means the moment when the sun ascends in a certain constellation. That’s why it’s called that. It is said that the ascendant is very important for two reasons: because it is an energy that influences the person in a resounding way and because from the ascendant the houses are located. Where “falling” the ascendant begins the one house.

Combination of Houses and signs: The combination of houses and signs is not a minor fact. As the characteristics of each house are stained by the original sign, ie house one = aries, house two = taurus, etc. If the ascendant falls in Leo for example, the person will have the house one in Leo and from there begins the circle of division of houses in the order from that sign, that is to say if the ascendant falls in Leo, lacasa one will be in Leo, house two in Virgo, house three in Libra, etc. Each house will then have the energy corresponding to the original sign, plus the energy given by the new order. In this example the house one in Leo will have the energy of Leo and the original energy of the one house that is of Aries. And so in every house. To understand this is fundamental, as the houses have the energy that gives the order of the ascendant plus the original energy.

The planets in the houses: If the organization of astrological houses is important, much more is that of the planets and their location in each house. This combination will give us an overview of the fairly accurate person. In order to do this interpretation we must know the energy meaning of each house and each planet. Knowing this we will be able to see the influence that exerts a determined planet with its energy in a house. Each house corresponds to a certain energy zone of the person. To know that meaning look at the article we recommended earlier: Characteristics of each house in astrology. If you want to know the meaning of the planets look at this article: Meaning of the planets in astrology.

The power of the moon: The Moon is one of the planets that we should look more in our astral chart. The moon means mother, instincts and emotions. So it expresses the emotional world of a person and how he has internally represented that world. According to the house where the Moon is located, it will give the person the type of emotion. If you are in the house one will give one type of particularity, in the other two house, etc. , etc. Also important are oppositions, squares, trines, etc. with other planets, the so-called astrological aspects, which is how one planet interacts with another. Even without regard to aspects, the place where the Moon “falls” is very important because the house where it “falls” will strongly mark the facet of a person related to the emotions.
While this summary can be a bit overwhelming, you need to read the articles listed here to begin to incorporate this knowledge. If you already have experience this article will help you to remove some doubts.

Finally, it should be said that the birth chart must be prepared by a professional, who, based on your time and date of birth, makes the map that gives you the information so that you can make an interpretation.

There are websites that perform the natal chart, there are also some programs that installed on your computer perform the same procedure. It is very useful to have the astral map drawn so that we can look at these aspects mentioned here. In this page you will find different programs that make a natal chart. In this site you can make your letter giving your date and time of birth.

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