iPhone anniversary Today is the tenth birthday of revolutionary Mobile

Today is the tenth anniversary of the birth of the first iPhone

The device that revolutionized the mobile world

The device that has made Apple the largest consumer technology company on the market, and revolutionized the landscape of mobile devices, today celebrates ten years. The company of Cupertino wants the day not to go unnoticed and reminds us, at the same time that assures us that the best is yet to come.

apple first iphone

Obviously improvements, be they evolutions or revolutions in an iPhone, will help to mark the pace of the industry, but it is something that is also doing the competition, so hardly ever again will pass as important moment for Apple as that January 9, 2007 Day at which he was first presented at a Macworld event at the hands of Steve Jobs himself.

For those who are curious to remember that moment, or have not lived, it is possible to access the original press release of the revolutionary mobile device.

Described by Steve Jobs as an iPod with widescreen and touch controls that would revolutionize the world of mobile phones, a device that would bring us the Internet to the palm of our hands.

No need for presentation, right now is an essential element of Apple customers, and of those who are not even, a design icon that marks without too much pressures its pace of renewals and evolutions.

This year we will have a iPhone “tenth anniversary”, so we do not expect a slight change in design and specifications, especially in this second aspect, since the first is difficult to think that it changes too. We hope so for the good of the competition and the users, also for the one of a company that for many is showing too lazy when it comes to evolving products.

The iPhone 8 is meant to be a special model in the short but intense story of the Apple phone: we hope they redesign it without changing the essence, finally enter the OLED screen, and remove the button from the front.

As for this are many months, and sure that some have entered wanting to remember things, I invite you to take a look at the review for the previous nine years they did in Applesfera, just before the iPhone 7 became the last phone of Apple.

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