July 2017 Horoscope Predictions about Your Finance and most important decisions

July 2017 predictions : New economic projects and important decisions

July is the month that marks the beginning of the second half of the year and in 2017 presents relevant astrological aspects. The only planets that follow retrograde are Saturn, Neptune and the dwarf planet Pluto. Those closest to Earth such as Mercury, Venus and Mars are in direct transit and the great planet Jupiter too, so it creates a stupendous landscape for all signs, especially in matters of opportunity, in the sentimental realm And family.

This is the month of Cancer and Leo, ruled by the Moon and the Sun, a very intense period where you combine intuition with strength, sensitivity with action. What does it bring for each sign?important horoscope predictions of july 2017

Aries in the month of July 2017: A very sentimental tone
Throughout the month of July, the planet Mars will be direct, first in transit through Cancer, in the cycle of birthday of that sign, and then in Leo, the 20 coinciding also with that period of anniversaries. Uranus goes straight on your sign. It combines the intuitive part of the sign that is governing with your Aryan temperament, dynamic and determined.

This will be a month of action, but at the same time, harmonized by an accentuated sense of responsibility sentimental not to hurt those you love with a bad word said at a bad time. This will be good news carrier on your economic horizon and soon you will be preparing your bags for a short trip associated with a business that will increase your income. Do not do anything rashly, but at the same time make wise and effective decisions that denote calm and maturity on your part, especially in love.

Taurus in the month of July 2017: You better understand what is happening
In the month of July your regent Venus, planet of love, will travel directly through Taurus until day 5 when he will enter Gemini. You will be amazed to discover how you can infer reality by looking at a person. You will notice how your intuition sharpens, you feel, you perceive, you realize what the other person is going to do or say before the situation happens. On the other hand, your personality will shine like never before in meetings and social events.

During this month, love flirts with you and you may be in a somewhat jealous or insecure tone, but do not fret, just take it as a warning to be more creative in your intimate life and strengthen your relationship. Reflect on the difficult situations presented in recent days and ask yourself how much you are responsible for the problems. If so, accept the reality, repair the errors and advance to the future. There are bouncing interests that can represent money.

Gemini in the month of July 2017: Love appears where you least expect
In July you will have Venus, planet of love, direct in your Gemini sign from day 5. This will be the period of the unexpected and unusual because with the direct energy that envelops you, what you considered more difficult is not. There are factors of internal renewal within your effective reality that will put you in the path of reconciliation, if there were separations or discussions between you and another person, and opens the way to succeed in love and romance that arise.

Get away from your side those negative people that always come with bad vibes, comments and gossip about your partner, friends or acquaintances. Delete the ones that do not work and do not spend your time with them. There are those who are opportunistic, manipulative and conflictive, which, if you let them enter your home and your energy field would totally ruin your family, economic and social life. A happy union is predicted that will help you put distance and forget between something that once happened in your life and your current reality.

Cancer in the month of July 2017: You will launch to new adventures and projects
It is your birthday that ends on the 21st or 22nd day according to the latitude and geographic length in which you live. Mercury will be in Cancer until day 6 that moves to Leo. The main thing is that now you will be very sensitive and alert doing everything that until now was a dream, but that is no longer because your emotional reality expands in a virtual way throughout your horoscope. You will have proof of love, friendship and affection, especially from those who had doubted.

It is very important that during this cycle of cancer birthday you concentrate fully in the realization of a project and analytically study the details of it. The time you invest in some new work activity, even if it is not your work day, will yield magnificent results. Focus your attention on various angles of your economy and diversify. If you notice that the profits obtained do not satisfy you, you must make other investments, think of different businesses and risk activities that increase your income. In love, go on as you go, you go well.

Leo in the month of July: You start your birthday cycle living another reality
July is your birthday month that begins to rule the 21st or 22nd day according to the latitude and geographic length in which you live. Mercury, planet of communications, enters your sign on day 6, direct. There will be a new moon in your sign on the 23rd, marking the start of the next synodic month. All this creates a unique astral panorama for you, Leo, and as a result, you will feel more confident, confident of yourself and with a higher level of energy to successfully face any difficulty that arises. You’re on the rise, Leo!

With the beginning of your birthday cycle you will find yourself in a tone of reconciliation and harmony that will help you to find your destiny again if there were problems in your relationship. A new, unexpected and happy situation will change your affective panorama in this month and you will be able to recover a love that you thought lost forever. A friend will give you financial support and you will soon be in control of your financial life. This is a month of great intuition you should take advantage of it to get the most out of it.

Virgo in the month of July 2017: A paralyzed management begins to move
Your regent, Mercury, will be direct throughout the month of July, entering your sign on the 25th. The circumstances are extraordinary because now you start a cycle that will prepare you for your next birthday period. Little by little you will regain sentimental terrain that you thought you had lost due to a mistake made in the wrong situation. You are preparing for the best and from this month of July your love life will take an increasingly beautiful turn.

If you listen to your Inner Being and do not let yourself be enveloped by issues that are foreign to your interests everything will work out better. A news of change surrounds you. If you’ve applied for a job or are waiting for extra work you’re on the right track. There are auspicious astrological movements from this current cycle and your work situation will become more stable. A warning: take care of your health especially if you have diabetes because there is a tendency to overeat and gain weight, control those impulses and you will not have problems.

Libra in the month of July 2017: Fortune accompanies you, there will be prosperity
In July you have the great energy of Jupiter, direct, the planet of opportunity in your Libra sign all month, and Venus, your ruler, will also transit directly through the sign of Gemini, the air element, like yours, from the Day 5. The news that is coming to you will inspire you to leap forward in your personal affairs and start something that once interested you, but you left it for the last hour. Love is now a reality, not a fantasy.

You will recover lost ground and if something did not work in the past you can skip it and fill you with a much more determined and positive attitude to create new sources of income. How you react will make a difference in your economic level. This month of July lighten up aspects of your love life that were somewhat confusing and notes as your personal relationships become more intense and full of tenderness. Something that seemed impossible to realize is consolidated happily.

Scorpio in the month of July 2017: Many mistakes will be rectified
Pluto, your regent, continues retrograde in July, but Mars, your work will be direct. You also end the month with the crescent Moon in your sign on the 30th. All this combines in an admirable way with your scorpion intuition and in this astral period you will be experiencing stages of adventure and encounters that will mark the rest of the second semester of the year with a Touch intimate and sensual.

Do not try to change jobs at least these days and be sure of the current job. The environment favors strengthening you in your work positions and filling well your work content. Your resolute and honest attitude will begin to bear fruit very soon. You will be pleasantly surprised with a social invitation whose connotations can go beyond the party or fun. A marriage, partnership or friendly relationship can give you money even if you have not tried it and have not tried it.

Sagittarius in the month of July 2017: Those who think less will surprise you sentimentally
Jupiter, your ruler, the greatest of the Solar System, the great planet of opportunity is straight again, throughout the month of July in transit through the sign of Libra, the air element, related to yours that is fire. Continue the long return of Saturn by your sign, retrograde still, the whole month. All this forms a unique astral panorama within your sentimental life and you will realize how good you feel once you have put everything in its place and recovered the place that you should have always occupied in the heart of that person.
You will have an excellent July. Do not let the external circumstances cause you restlessness. Do not worry about a comment that reaches your ears about something you can not avoid or modify. Accept things as they are, shrug your shoulders with the inevitable and put your grain of sand to improve those that can be changed. This month promises to be great in your love relationships and what you’ve been wanting to do will soon become a reality. Your fears become something of the past.

Capricorn in the month of July 2017 : You will prepare to travel and recreate
Saturn, your ruler, remains retrograde throughout the month of July in the sign of Sagittarius. There is a full Moon in your Capricorn sign on the 9th. The most significant thing that will happen in this period in which your opposite sign rules is the possibility of traveling, perhaps this month or the next so it will increase as you go Passing the days. Now both pleasure and duty go together, holding hands, and you will understand that both can be had at the same time.

Get out of your home, office or workshop all the things that are distracting you. Discard old papers, give obsolete equipment and clean your entire space in order to achieve greater concentration on the priority labor issues of the present. There are suggestive economic fluctuations, but the most significant thing happens at the family level because through your relatives you receive a large sum of money and with it you can pay debts and give yourself some luxuries when the time arrives.

Aquarius in the month of July 2017: You will marvel at the love plane
Your ruler, the planet Uranus, is still in direct transit through the fire element, which is very compatible with you being air. There will be a new moon in Leo, the 23, which is your opposite sign, Aquarian. Emotional centers are activated within your horoscope that project you to new adventures of the heart. If you are alone or alone this month of July will be the one that will mark the end of loneliness, and if you have a partner, that will define effective consolidation, solid love.

You may be about to receive good news associated with pending legal litigation or a favorable decision in the courts. Julio will be an innovative month that will help you find ingenious solutions to all the problems that arise, in addition in the affective aspect you will be experiencing moments of great physical, sexual and sensual attraction. It emphasizes your personal charisma, emphasizes the strength of your personality, and inspires you as well as those who come in contact with you.

Pisces in the month of July 2017: You will know what game to take, you can choose
Neptune, your ruler, will remain retrograde in your sign throughout the month. Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Mars, direct, compensate and incline the cosmic balance in your favor. This stage is very sensitive so you will have inspiring dreams which you must note since in them there are signs that will indicate where to go and what to do to achieve your goals. However, due to the retrograde action of Neptune you could be wrong if you hasten to make decisions.

A month in which are left the fears, the suspicions, doubts and hesitations. You are opening yourself to new sentimental paths that incline you to that person who at the time was very important in your life, but who now has ceased to be. A good economic stage is coming, associated with the changes that will occur as the second half of 2017 begins, starting in July.


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