How do you KNOW Love passion of each Zodiac sign?

How do you KNOW each Zodiac sign?

Each Zodiacal sign kisses different, because we have different biorhythms, we have a way of feeling and expressing our different feelings.

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And as is normal at the time of kissing reflects perfectly our way of being, some more impulsive, others more demure, romantic kisses, sensual, passionate, cold …. Lets go see it:

How do you KNOW Love passion of eac...
How do you KNOW Love passion of each Zodiac sign?

How does ARIES kiss?

Aries ignites like gasoline. Start kissing passionately and in a very racial way. His passion has no limits.

How does TAURUS kiss?

Taurus loves to kiss. You can spend hours kissing in every possible way. Soft almost imperceptible, playfully and passionately.

How does GEMINI kiss?

Gemini loves to kiss, but he does not entertain much in kissing. For him they are part of a whole and after kissing, he will quickly move on to something else.

How does CANCER kiss?

Cancer will be done. Stolen kisses are your thing. The amorous game, timid at first will increase in intensity. They can be very passionate as long as the other knows how to take the situation.

How does LEO kiss?

Leo is passionate about nature. Their kisses are warm at first, but they rise in decibels quickly. They can kiss for hours.

How does VIRGO kiss?

Virgo kisses chastely. He needs a lot of confidence to kiss and when he does, he is softly, embarrassed and does not give in easily. He is so modest that he will never express passion.

How do you kiss LIBRA?

Libra kisses with glamour! For him it is an important staging and everything counts on the scene. It will begin very decently to end passion.

How does SCORPIO kiss?

Scorpio have to think, seduce with gaze and silences, surrounding his prey for a long time, intimidate her, then fall on her super passionately.

How does SAGITTARIUS kiss?

Between laughs and games kiss Sagittarius. It is part of the amorous game that they initiate, to end up kissing passionately.

How does CAPRICORN kiss?

Capricorn will never kiss in the first place. He needs several appointments so he can kiss someone. The first kiss will always be cold and lacking in passion. After much intimacy will be encouraged, but not exaggerated.

How does AQUARIUS kiss?

Aquarius previously needs a long intellectual exchange, to be motivated to express their feelings through a kiss. It will be an affectionate kiss, demure and will never be too passionate.

How does PISCIS kiss?

Pisces needs a super romantic environment, beautiful words, a detail, many little glances and smiles and succumb to be carried away by the sweet sensuality that she has created. Sensuality, passion … Heaven!