How to Know if Someone is Flirting with You According to Zodiac Sign

How to Know if Someone is Flirting with You According to Zodiac Sign

Astrology is my favorite tool for self-knowledge. It is also my favorite tool to try to find out what the hell a crush is thinking.

Communication is your best friend, but sometimes, actions do speak louder than words. If you are not ready to ask your crush how he feels or to risk having your heart broken.zodiac sign flirting

Here are some signs you can take into account before you decide if you want to date someone:

Aries, the proactive fire sign will let you know completely if they have a crush for you. No guessing games are needed! If you cannot tell if he likes an Aires, then you can be very sure he does not like you. Does your crush Aires flaunt its success on your face?

These rams may be presumptuous, but they are not trying to show off their achievements, they are probably just trying to impress you and letting you know that they are a great match. If an Aries is calm and becoming cool, then congratulations, you have met a mature ram who has learned the art of seduction. Either way, sit down and enjoy the ride, because Aries knows about passion, and he’s not afraid to prove it.

Has your bovine friend been uploading more photos and seductive messages to social networks lately? If so, Taurus definitely has a crush-but the real question is whether it’s with you or not. A sign to know if you like a Taurus is that you are giving like all your publications, attending your events, or making any other notable effort to participate in your life.

The Taurus are so lazy that they would not do any of this consistently if they did not feel something for you. But if a Taurus talks to you about how they have a crush for someone else, they probably do not feel anything for you in a romantic way. They usually move very slowly and either get stuck in the flirt zone or are ready to commit completely to someone. Do not play riddles with Taurus, communicate your feelings and they will let you know if they are committed to being with you.

Gemini is one of the most flirtatious signs of the zodiac-however, when they have a serious crush, their mind may go blank. If your usually talkative Gemini does not find the words when you’re around, it can be a very big sign that he likes you.

It is said that Gemini are capricious, and although that may be true, if they like you, they really like you, and if they are interested, this sign oriented to life as a couple will write you throughout the day and you will invite everything from errands to after-parties. Gemini have a surprising romantic side, and if they like you, they will definitely ask you for a date.

Because Cancer is usually stereotyped as home, people believe that they are too docile to take the first step, but this is completely false. Cancer loves to chase someone; they are simply less direct than Aries.

These crabs are not exactly materialistic people, but they are very attached to sentimental objects. If they give you something that is important to them, you can be sure that they have a tremendous amount of trust and admiration for you. But your feelings are romantic? Cancer bakes cakes for friends and family, but if you like them in a romantic way, this affectionate sign will express lust and desire with a photo or a flirty DM.

Leo are romantic, but they can lose interest very quickly. You have to keep them in line! That’s why the Leo fall in love with the mysterious Scorpio and the distant Aquarius, even though their goals and needs are so different. You can tell if a Leo likes you by how much they boast when you’re around.

That is, he literally boasts his abs, his prizes, or the number of people who are flirting with him. Leo may be the sign of the lion, but they are also peacocks that really boast. The Leo show their love with traditional and striking romantic gestures, such as bouquets of roses, invitations to romantic dinners, and signing messages with kisses.

The Virgos are a mercurial group, since they are literally ruled by the planet Mercury. One day they think you’re cute, and then the next day they decide it’s over when they see you wearing sandals on a city street. But if the two have a strong intellectual chemistry, Virgo will abandon its tendency to be thorough.

This kind land sign occasionally breaks the rules, so you are invited to one of your most dangerous activities, it means you think you can have fun with you. Virgos value their privacy and time alone, but when it comes to friends and close lovers, they really enjoy being able to communicate with them throughout the day. You can be cautious with your emotions, but you will know if your friend Virgo likes you because he watches over you and greets you; not by group chat, but with a direct message.

You will know that a Libra likes you because Libra likes the whole world. I’m just kidding, although Libras often have crushes all over the world that is stylized and intelligent, whether they’re physically attracted to them or not. The Libra are very sociable and popular, so if you take the time to be with you, you can bet that at least you care a lot as a friend.

Libra is a complicated sign with which to get out, because unless you have a crushing infatuation for you, you may not want to speed things up even if you are really interested. It is not that Libra wants to take things slowly, but simply because she believes that the honeymoon stage is the best stage, and she will want to stay there as long as possible.

Every time Scorpio has a new crush, he takes time alone. Close your eyes, concentrate, and think to yourself: This is it. This is my great day. All my life I had been preparing for this. I will do it mine. Unless a Scorpio does not want you to know that he likes you as part of some manipulative plan, you will know that a Scorpio likes you when he invites you to a romance party or they mention that the tomb of his favorite poet is nearby and invites you to see it

It’s easy to tell if a Sagittarius likes you: he sends you messages, pays all the bills when they go out all night, and tells you directly if he thinks you’re cute. But it can be difficult to know if the feelings of a Sagittarius for you are serious or if they are just having fun.

Sagittarians are especially spontaneous when they have a crush: if they start to surprise you with gifts or weekend trips, they are probably very excited about you. Centaurs are very direct and they value communication a lot, so if you are confused by their signals, just ask! They will respect you for it, even if they laugh in your face (do not take it personally, they just think that almost everything is fun).

The Capricorn take everything very seriously, including their crushes. If a Capricorn spends his time knowing you, trust me, they are not doing it for fun, they have many other things to do! But how do you know if a Capricorn likes you as something more than a friend? You have to ask!

Communication is important for Capricorn, but they hide their letters a lot. If you have not asked for an appointment directly, do it yourself, so you will get a clear answer. The typical Capricorn does not like public displays of attention, but they are very affectionate physically when they like someone, so keep that in mind.

Why is the passionate and romantic Valentine’s Day landing in the cool and distant season of Aquarius? I really cannot say why, but something is certain: it can be very difficult to know if you like this sign of the independent and impassive air. As cold as this winter sign may seem, they have powerful emotions and can feel deeply and passionately attracted to you, while on the outside they seem to be completely relaxed.

Aquarians want a strongly intellectual connection, and they are more attracted to big and Gregorian personalities, people who are not afraid to say what they feel. So if you like an Aquarian, make your feelings known.

Pisces may be shy in general, but when they have a crush, you probably know because they love to flirt. If a Pisces takes the trouble to make you feel comfortable (go for something to drink or prepare food for you, cover yourself with a warm blanket), it’s a good sign.

Yes, they are generous with many people, but they are also very unreliable. Look around: is that person being as loving to someone else as he is to you? If not, I’m sure you think you’re someone special. It may be easy for someone as intuitive as Pisces to feel that they are both on the same page, and although that is true, Pisces feels more attracted to people who can articulate their thoughts and emotions, so share your own.

I am Mary Emma born in 1996 and have been working as a full-time blogger since 2010. The socio-familial context led me to the area of Sciences and universe attending the Astrology course. But her philosophical inclination inclined her to the territory of Astrology, Psychology.