Kurulus Osman Episode 43 in Urdu | English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 43 in Urdu | English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman episode 43 trailer: Conspiracy to pull the rope! His life will slip through your hands

Kurulus Osman in Episode 42; The relentless struggle of Osman, who was sworn not to leave the blood of the Turks who reached the rank of martyrdom, was a source of pride. Kurulus Osman In the last episode, Osman’s decision, who set his mind to realize his father’s wish, was talked about a lot. While Osman, who wants to prevent the Byzantines from traveling, takes the rope and puts his life on his teeth, Kurulus Osman’s episode 43 trailer is on the screen.kurulus osman episode 43 in urdu english subtitles

In the last episode broadcast before the Kurulus Osman episode 43; Proceeding in the path of his father, Osman never bowed to the Byzantines and took the risk of risking his life for what he had done to the Turks, without leaving any profit with them, revealing his warrior spirit. Kurulus Osman in the 42nd section; As a result of the decision taken, unexpected events arose when Osman, who reached the title of “Kayı Bey” and determined the İnegöl Castle as his new target, would complete the task of uniting the Turkish tribes.

Kurulus Osman in the last chapter; While the Turkish gentlemen were invited to the toya to be held in Söğüt with the breakthrough of Osman Bey, Nikola, who was aware of the developments, quickly attempted the operation and put Flatyos and his soldiers into action to stop the toy, which had devastating consequences.


Kurulus Osman episode 43 query was carried out; The Byzantines rolled up their sleeves to deal a heavy blow by preparing their plans one by one strategically and completely so that Nikola, who killed some of the Turks in his treacherous attack attempt, did not go unanswered. In addition to all of these, Osman’s intention to marry, who swore to fulfill the wishes of his father, who passed away after the death of the right, was another remarkable detail, and after the war of Osman, who wanted to defeat by repelling the Byzantine forces, the episode 43 started.

Written by Mehmet Bozdağ, Ozan Bodur, Atilla Engin and Aslı Zeynep Peker Bozdağ, with Metin Günay under the general directorship of the plot, with its rich cast, impressive plot, and successful production, it caused a deluge of excitement and tension every week. Establishment Osman, which did not lose its rival, was released in episode 43.


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