Latest technology for the help of Elderly People

The digital world is very present in the day to day of the population in general, not only in the youngest. Those over 65 have had to adapt to technological changes in order not to be socially excluded.

In 2029, life expectancy is expected to be 84 years for men and 88 for women, according to the National Institute of Statistics. Looking back you can see how this figure has been growing steadily and unstoppable in recent years: In 1960, the average was 69 years, and in 2014, latest INE data, stood at 83.3.

old age happy with technology

The increase in the older population has influenced the technology sector. One of the great challenges today is to ensure that this fragment of society does not feel excluded in terms of technological advances. To this end, from the Administration and from private initiatives have been carried out integrative proposals.

“The elderly are an inexhaustible source of wisdom and technology is basic to them.You can bring them closer to your loved ones, help them to take control of medicines, to hang out at leisure and even save lives. Is that an older person who does not have this knowledge is missing a series of tools unthinkable just a few years ago.

Bringing the technology closer to the elderly is also the goal of the Vodafone Foundation’s training program in technology, which aims to reduce the digital gap to which they are exposed. These face-to-face courses have already reached the figure of 200,000 majors trained throughout Spain. “The course covers all the steps to manage a mobile, be it Android or iPhone, and make the most of it: from the power and general interface, to calls, photos, videos, the Internet and the most useful applications. To the news and to the most demanded topics, such as WhatsApp and Facebook.

The Community of Madrid has currently put into operation 53 computer rooms for the formation of new technologies.

During 2017, in the centers of greater of the region will be developed a total of 700 activities on technology and communication, in addition to continue with the workshop Take advantage of your smartphone in your daily life, organized by the Directorate General of Attention to Dependency And the Mayor of the Community of Madrid, in collaboration with SECOT and Vodafone Foundation.

The union between generations is carried out in the training activities carried out by AMAS (Madrid Agency for Social Care), in which groups consisting of 6 to 8 young people from 14 to 18 years of the Conecta project show the use of smartphones to groups of 20 -25 people over 60 years.

Phones for everyone

More and more technology makers are deciding to launch older devices. Alcatel, for example, has two models of mobile – Alcatel 2008 and Alcatel 2051- that are characterized by having a medium screen and rather large buttons. They are phones that have the basic functions to call, write messages or take pictures, so they are suitable for users who will not connect to the Internet.
Chinese consumer electronics multinational Haier also sells a specific phone for the elderly. “The EasyPhone has been developed to make it easier for older people to use their phones. Menus have larger icons than ordinary mobiles, emergency buttons, powered speakers and applications like WhatsApp pre-installed so they can navigate and Use their mobile phones in a more comfortable way.The objective is that they can relate and be part of this new way we have to communicate.

The Haier EasyPhone, unlike Alcatel phones, simulates a smartphone with a touch screen and Internet connection, but with all the functions simplified.

Tele Assistance for Old age people

One of the aspects that have improved the most with the incorporation of technology in the life of the elderly is their safety. Companies like Techco Security have IP-based security programs that allow them to have total control of the elderly for 24 hours thanks to mobile devices. In this case, users operate with Doro branded phones that connect the old man, his relative and the Techno Security support center. This phone allows to know by GPS where it is its owner, emits alerts if it leaves a delimited area, warns of possible falls and can even be programmed for preventive calls to remember the taking of medicines.

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