Latest Tips and Ways to Make Money with WordPress

Ways to Make Money with WordPress

One of the questions that most send me in the blog and by email is how to generate income with WordPress or offering services related to the platform as a freelancer.

Have you asked yourself the same thing?

Every day thousands of people around the world generate income with WordPress. From a few extra dollars a month to millionaire companies with hundreds of employees.

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What are they doing? What is your model? How can WordPress help someone to generate income and earn money?

How To Make Money With WordPress  new 7 Ways That Work

Let’s review 7 methods to make money with WordPress. Keep in mind that these are NOT quick fixes or that generate thousands of dollars overnight. Everyone has their time of learning, dedication and obvious experience.

It may be that you are already in position and take advantage of some situation or you may not, depending on your experience. The purpose of this article is to give you a vision of what can be achieved, adapt it to your tastes and your situation and start an action plan today to generate income.

1. Become a developer and offer some specific service

WordPress is a platform in which many programmers and developers specialize, either by need of employment (the place where they work asks them to know how to master the platform) or by their own conviction to be able to offer services.

Among the most popular services that you can offer as a WordPress developer are:

  • Creation of websites of all types
  • Creation and development of plugins
  • Creation and development of themes or templates for the platform
  • Project Management with WordPress
  • ECommerce services (creation of Woocommerce extensions, creation of virtual stores, eCommerce plans, etc.)
  • Creating Backup and Security Services WordPress
    Many more!

There are really endless possibilities you have to be a WordPress developer in regards to the services and sources of income that you may have.

To be a WordPress developer you need to have programming / web development knowledge and know specifically:

  1. PHP
  2. HTML
  3. CSS
  4. Mysql
  5. Phpmyadmin
  6. Management of servers

Let’s say that this first point covers in a certain way what we will see in the following points.

2. Develop and sell plugins

Plugins are largely what allow WordPress to be such a flexible platform and you can create any type of project with this wonderful platform.

One of the great businesses that you can take advantage of is the plugins. Here are three options or possible scenarios:

  • You are a developer. You create and market your own plugins
  • You are a developer. Create plugins as a service for customers, agencies or companies that need it
  • You are an entrepreneur. You have a lot of useful and innovative plugin ideas and to create them you hire a programming team or delegate the work to one or more WordPress developers anywhere in the world.

For more plugins that exist for WordPress, it is always possible to improve an existing one (create a superior product) or create something original that solves a certain need.

Creativity is key!

3. Create your own theme

Another of the pillars of WordPress are the themes or templates. Just by seeing the best selling themes in ThemeForest and the amount of sales they have we can realize the business it represents.

Not just ThemeForest, there are hundreds of vendors like ElegantThemes, Studiopress or Woothemes that generate thousands of dollars each month in membership sales of your WordPress templates.

As in plugins, the options here are to create your own theme, offer the service to customers who need it or delegate the process to do something and launch it to the market.

4. Create a course/information product

Inside WordPress there is a universe of topics where people want to learn certain skills, know-how, how to use a certain theme, how to apply and take advantage of some plugin and much more. e.g.

  • Corporate Sites
  • Virtual stores with Woocommerce
  • Marketing sites (landing pages, membership)
  • Personal and Business Blogs
  • How to use certain themes

5. Provides face-to-face training

Another way to teach skills and how to use WordPress tools is through face-to-face training. In many parts of the world right now there is someone giving a class to 10, 20, 30 or 100 people on how to use WordPress.

Perhaps the execution is not so simple since you need the space, a good curriculum and what you are going to teach, but if done properly you can generate excellent income.

6. Charge to make Web sites / Manage projects

If you already have a good experience with WordPress, then you are in the perfect moment to offer your services to create projects and sites in WordPress. You can create sites, blogs, membership portals, virtual stores and virtually every type of website that can be created with the platform.

Start little by little and as you grow your portfolio you will be able to position yourself more in the market and getting more money.

7. Web Design

If you know Web design and are oriented to the web part, then you can offer Web design services either to design blogs, Web pages, templates or even plugins interfaces.

As you can see, WordPress offers a wealth of options for you to generate income. It can be developing, teaching and obviously selling.

Getting customers is the most important thing, and to make money with WordPress is pretty much the same thing that keeps any business alive: sales and cash flow.

My biggest advice, after having experience selling courses and making hundreds of web pages for clients and for own projects: BEGINS TODAY. The perfect moment will never come. You can always have more knowledge and experience and there will always be a better time.

Learn WordPress and at the same time start offering your services, sell your products or whatever model you have chosen.

Nor am I saying that you offer a product or service without knowing how to do it or compromising the quality of it. It’s not about that. But do not wait so long and jump into battle even if you’re not ready.

Action is the only thing that counts!

Do you know of other ways to make money with WordPress? What are some of your favorite strategies to get sales and customers?