Learn fully how to earn money with a blog

It is a topic that we have hardly touched on this blog, but a survey we did a few months ago has made it clear that, despite how much has already been written on the subject, our readers are interested in treating the issue also in this blog.
You also have a neighbor who earns more than 1,000 dollars with a blog. Besides, the kid is 16 years old. With the training you have, it cannot be so complicated to do even better than him. Is not that what you think?

Today’s post with more than 1,500 words is a real “mega-post” in which I will give a review, from A to Z of the general process of generating income with a blog so that you have a first overview as complete as possible. You will see not only what the steps are, but also the concrete models of obtaining more important income that may or may not be suitable for you according to the specific case.

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I take the opportunity to recommend you also a complementary reading that I am sure will be useful, whether you are starting or already have a blog in progress and in which explains in detail everything you need to know to create your blog as a professional And what comes next (how to create good content, how to get visitors, how to retain readers, etc.).
In addition, to give a global vision as complete as possible I will also include formulas as a YouTube channel as video-blogging is increasingly popular and, in fact, combining a blog + videos is one of the most interesting alternatives to generate income.
What will you find on this blog?

  • Real examples of how to make money with a blog or website
  • Giving any training.
  • Online humorist and make humor videos
  • Write a kitchen recipe blog
  • Forget the easy formulas, they are only a guarantee of failure
  • How do you create a profitable website?
  • What are the main difficulties to monetize your website?
  • How to find the best niche for your website
  • 10 Basic Options to Make Money with a Blog
  • Hands on, setting up a website
    Also learn the tips about
  • How to create a blog from scratch and install WordPress
  • How to create a hosting and choose your provider well
  • How to install WordPress in a hosting
  • How to use and work with AdSense

How to make money with a blog or website

To heat engines we will start with some first examples where the first one is really spectacular and a sample of the potential that exists in this world.

Now, do not misunderstand them: as you will see throughout the post, there are no quick shortcuts or miracles to make money in the online world, and if there are some spectacular success stories like these, they are obviously the result of a lot of creativity, talent and an exceptional capacity of work.
In addition, many times chance has also had a lot to do, not always the person in question has consciously identified an opportunity, but began to do something without great plans, but throwing much love and work, and the thing became a success totally unexpected.

As we sample examples of success and formulas, you will see that they all have a common denominator: you have to really achieve a lot of traffic and offer quality to start generating relevant income with a website.

The “a lot” is very variable depending on the case, it is always daring to make concrete figures, but get the idea that we are talking about a minimum or more of a hairpin between 1,000 and several tens of thousands of visits per day according to the formula Of concrete income. It is possible to build such a site from scratch, but it requires large amounts of time and labor.

Some Important Facts About Blogging You Should Know Before You Begin

To give you an idea about the effort that is required to generate income with a blog I present some relevant data on motivation, profitability, frequency of publication, time per post, growth, etc.

The most important thing when it comes to being successful with a blog is to have the things clear and to know what awaits you. If you think that to make money with a blog is enough to do 2 or 3 sprints you are wrong. This is a background race where Haile Gebrselassie wins a Usain Bolt.

Motivation: 95% of bloggers leave their blog before the first year.

Income: To earn 150 dollars with a blog you need approximately 100,000 visits.

Time: A short post has 400 words and requires a minimum of 1 hour of elaboration.

Frequency: According to the competition in your niche you have to publish 1-7 days a week.

Growth: Turning 100 visitors into 100 readers requires the same amount of days.

Sale: The price of a blog is the monthly income multiplied by 10-15.

Before you start the blog if your goal is to make money

If your goal from the beginning is to generate income with a blog, you must perform some previous tasks. Most bloggers looking for a return on investment in their activity forget that the level of difficulty can vary greatly depending on the topic they are dealing with. Investing a few days of research before you start can multiply the profitability by 10-20 if it hits the spot.

Market study: conduct a previous market study to find the right niche in which you do not face so much competition or you can cover a fringe that the rest does not touch yet.
Focus on high profitability themes: choose themes that give more eCPM at the advertising level. The difference between creating a finance blog or a soccer blog can in some cases assume the factor 20-30 in favor of the first.
Choose according to personal interest: in the long run it is more important to keep the motivation than the profitability depending on the theme. Writing about life insurance is economically attractive but just as it is more complicated to maintain the illusion in this niche.

How to earn more than 2,000 dollars a month with a blog

If you have not been discouraged by the fact that having a blog that reads requires work maybe you have the opportunity to earn 1,000-3,000 dollars a month or more some day. Only those who are able to maintain a high publication frequency for 18-36 months and are very consistent in their work can aspire to achieve this income goal.
Do not bet only on online advertising

The same is now better understood that if you want to make money with a blog you have to diversify the sources of income. Winning 1 euro per thousand impressions would require 1 million advertising impacts equivalent to approximately 500,000 visits to earn 1,000 dollars per month.
Create your own products

An e-book can be a way of promotion if you offer it without cost but also can contribute you income in your blog. One of the bloggers I follow years ago (Darren Rowse of problogger.net) earns about 10,000-20,000 dollars each month from the sale of his digital books. There are several cases of authors who have managed to publish their book online and have had unexpected successes. David Cantone explains in his blog how Amazon can help you sell your own book online.
Generate revenue with affiliate marketing

Not the blog to follow to learn about affiliate marketing is my recent discovery “Live from the Net” by German blogger Alex Navarro. Charging in a successful model where you only earn money if you generate sales to the advertiser is not the way that makes you feel really comfortable if you do not know the keys to generating income in a CPA and CPL model.
Have a list of subscribers

The most advanced bloggers no longer compare the number of visits to a blog but the number of subscribers. It is the most valuable thing you can have since each shipment allows you to generate sales. It is easy to “burn” a database so it is more important to bring value in the short term than to earn 2 or 3 dollars more.
Now that we have reached the end of the process, I think you can see that making money with a blog or a web follows a process not so different from any other type of business.

The difference (and opportunity) is that the fact that this terrain is still relatively new and that the way of working, thanks to the search engines and the new tools, of which we have only seen a few, is very different from the offline world While at the same time much more affordable because the economic cost of starting a project of this type is almost zero.