Leo 2017 Horoscope Very Good New Year for you

Leo 2017: The year 2017 will have a good year.

The best of 2017 its economy until April 29, a major change of image from this date, and home and family from October 11.

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday...
Leo Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 3rd August 2022

It will be a prosperous year in which you will have time for your personal accomplishments.

You can leave work or not work as much or set up the business you want, to be able to live as you have always dreamed.

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Professionally you will do very well, especially if you work with communication. Love comes from abroad or will fall in love with a foreigner in your country. More relaxed and selective social life. Good health, but need to purify the body. Spirituality and sex go hand in hand.

Leo 2017: Love, Family, Friendship

Leo Love 2017

2017 is a quiet and stable year. There will be no changes in your sentimental life, but you will look for stability and security. If you are in pair, you will continue with it. Maybe I should pay more attention. Do not take everything for granted. The eclipse of August 7, could cause him to go through a small period of crisis, in which he would have to rethink the relationship and smooth out harshness, so that the relationship continues or breaks. Travel abroad and activities will help you overcome the crisis. In 2017 you will learn how to spiritualize the sexual act with the learning of Kundalini Yoga, Tantra Yoga.

If you are single you will not experience any changes either. If I met someone special this year, I would be a foreigner and spend the year like that, knowing him, but not getting married. In any case it would be married in 2018, but not this year. If you are a student you could also fall in love with a teacher or tutor.

Leo Family 2017

Your family life is going to be the best of the year, very good and you will feel happy. This year little by little you will regain stability in your home. The last years have been moved and with problems with the family, but from October 11 everything changes and happiness and tranquility come home, with joy, love and harmony.

The parent starts to do things very well and that will translate into greater well-being. Your children will pamper and support you greatly, which will bring emotional stability. You could extend the family with a new child, with a wedding or the arrival of a grandson. It will be very fertile this year, if you have thought about having a child, 2017 is a good year.

You will have fun with family and you will feel very happy. They could buy a house. Possibility of moving to a nicer place, in a residential area, with nearby fun, luxury. If there is no move, they will make improvements works on theirs towards the end of the year. They will set up a gym, to be in shape and to feel healthier. They could also change furniture, appliances, redecorate the house. If they have a house to sell, they will buy it very well and be filled with happiness.

Leo Friendship and Social Life 2017

Your social life is going to change in the sense, which will be a bit more selective this year. You will continue with your parties and meetings, but in a more calm way. In 2018 will return to constant travel and social life to the brim.

Leo 2017: Money, Work, Education

Leo Money 2017

Your relationship with money will be normal. There will be no major changes. It will achieve its objectives and everything will remain the same. No money problems until April 29th and without paying attention to finances. From October 11, they could sell a house and have money to spend on whims, such as a car, moving to a much better, more luxurious home, traveling abroad.

Your intellectual interests grow, your mind is open and creative and you will value it even more for what it’s worth. Prosperity will be great and will make several investments. Money will come from everywhere, because it likes to diversify. You will earn a good salary with your work. Be very cautious about investing, reflect, consult during the months of April, August and December.

Leo Work 2017

It will be a very important year for your professional life. Especially if you work in Media, Internet, PR, Advertising, Journalism. But without changes or ups and downs. You will remain in the same job and will not seek to change. You will be valued very intellectually and you will recognize your work and your worth. You will not complain about it. They are waiting for a stable and tranquil couple of years in the profession. Take it as a gift, because you can charge your batteries.

Leo 2017 Education

Students are going to have a great year, because they are going to enjoy studying, learning new things, getting good grades, very concentrated and happy. They will have an excellent school or university course. If they are adults, they will learn faster than usual and enjoy reading, studying, learning new knowledge, with amazing mental agility and acuteness. They will attend all kinds of cultural events and will have time to feed their intellect with all tranquility.

Leo 2017: Health

Health will be very good. It will tend to worry too much that any symptom of something appears. Relax because you will not have any problems this year. It is advisable, to make a better diet from time to time, to detoxify your body and liver that is somewhat lazy. Also to lose weight, if you need it. It is important to exercise, Meditation to eliminate anxiety and nervousness, which cause you worries. The heart will thank you and you will be much more relaxed and balanced. Stretching for the back, with massages from time to time.