Leo 2018 Love Horoscope

Love and Romance Predictions of Leo for 2018

Love: in search of inner harmony.
Since 2015, you have probably, in one way or another, opened another chapter of your life. In 2018, you want to integrate your understandings, the lessons learned since then and realize your desires in a newspaper that inspires you. No more question then of living confined, whether in your head or in your environment but to push the walls, to move if your current place of life is not enough to meet your expectations, for some to expatriate to go breathe the air and happiness elsewhere or otherwise. You change your behavior and also want to change your image, your social character and can influence the perception of you. Executives, whoever they are, must be enlarged to try to contain what you have become little by little.

You will want to improve your conditions (and sometimes framework) of life in order to feel freer, more like your friend Lion and fully in line with the evolution accomplished. Jupiter evolving since October 2017 in Scorpio invites you to flourish in your home or a substitute (group, community) but do not necessarily expect that the transition is always sweet. The Scorpion is a demanding sign and you may be asked to reach your goals of making necessary cuts in your routine, to break with sclerosing habits or personalities that hitherto prevented you from fully being yourself.leo love in 2018

1st decan (July 23-August 2): Hold on until November.
Jupiter crossed your decent last fall and so could help to give you space desires, on the other hand, or simply redefine your living conditions so that they look more like what you Wait. In 2018, (and in fact since December 20, 2017) you have to contend with Saturn who urges you to manage the stewardship and the daily with care even with a certain rigor. Whether you are short of rules or rules, the austere planet will force you to put order, prioritize priorities and take into account your limits (health, financial, professional) in your choices and your timing. No way to overflow the frame but to adopt a discipline of life that will not necessarily delight you but to which you will, however, find it difficult to escape. After the expansion currents that lifted you up in 2017, you will find that you are asked a lot and in all respects. Whether at work or with your family, you will certainly be kept under pressure and forced to respond to demand. Be sure to monitor your health closely because this small temporary refreshment of the atmosphere could sometimes play on your morale and solicit a little too much to your taste your strengths. Try to hold on and organize yourself better in 2018 to stay the distance until the autumn when Jupiter (from November 8th) will finally take care of energizing your love, warm the atmosphere and illuminate your loves. However, count on Venus throughout the year to soften the line. Especially in January (between the 18th and the 26th) where the tender planet will invite you to take a step towards the other and to pamper the partner, in March (between the 6th and the 15th) where it will make you want to push back some limitations frustrating, between April 24 and May 2 where your projects will be in the spotlight and your friends present and comforting and in June when Venus, present in your sign will enhance your brilliance and boost your power of seduction. Between August 6th and 17th, communication will be in the spotlight and in September, you will work with love to transform what needs to be a family. If you have the impression that certain issues are holding back your development from the beginning of October, wait until November when Jupiter will boost your love life and Venus will tenderly revive the debates. To finish a year a little rigorous in beauty . and why not on a small cloud.

As a couple, if you made the decision to move or expand the family last fall and you have surfed the Jupiter stream to improve your environment, you will enjoy the less Saturnian atmosphere that may stoop a little your daily life and ask you a lot. More work, less freedom, more stress. You will have to do with 2018 and strive to contain your impatience or even a feeling of frustration that will yield however at the end of the year (in November) when your personal sky lights up and where a sudden summer temperature should make you forget some binding duties and copies to be made in 2018.

Single, if you have settled a cozy nest recently where you have thought about creating a home, you could less appreciate the Saturnian climate that may 2018 cool some of your enthusiasm or at least divert you for a moment of pleasure and enjoyment. ‘a certain lightness that could then miss you. Venus will come from time to time to support and encourage your impetus but you should really be able to reconnect with the vertigo of love only from November when the planet will follow suit to Jupiter who from November 8, 2018, open the ball. It was time.

2nd decan (August 3rd-August 13th): planned evolution and fulfillment.
You had a little trouble managing certain events or flows that seemed to want to constantly change your daily life and keep you on the alert in 2017? Since last December, however, you benefit from more buoyant currents that gradually orient your destiny differently and invite you to make important changes in your familiar environment. Take advantage of these highly inspirational flows (from early December 2017) in May (around 25) and August (around 19) to capture the subtle voices that lead you in the right direction and facilitate positive transformations. Whether it’s a move to access a living environment more in line with your desires, to found a home or to expand the family, to push back some previous limits that confined you to be just one. part of yourself you will often feel in 2018 to be able to spread your wings and the opportunity to take off to clearer, more welcoming heavens and more in line with what you have become. Count also on beautiful opportunities (sometimes coming from nowhere or a collective, a source from which you did not hope anything) to accelerate the movement and create the conditions of your blooming programmed for this year (in January and in September ). Venus will also accompany your evolution between January 2 and 10, where she will help you turn lead into gold and everyday into a fairy tale, between January 26 and February 2, where she will invite you to listen to the other (for the better), between March 15 and March 23 where you will have the opportunity to accomplish a lot, in May (between 2 and 11) where friendship and projects will be in the spotlight and between June 22nd and July 1st, where you will see only you and where your irresistible charm should wreak havoc. If you want to communicate your intentions smoothly in August (between the 17th and 27th) and move the lines as a family from the end of September, you will certainly have to wait patiently from the beginning of October when the discussions will be lengthy and will lead to concerted and promising decisions only from mid-December. Waiting for December 23rd when Jupiter will take care of putting rumba and especially love . in the air.

As a couple, since the beginning of December 2017 the atmosphere has started to lighten up and even if the changes you want to make to improve your living conditions and those around you sometimes pose a problem, you should in 2018 find the right answers. Those that will allow you to load of living environment, to welcome a newborn, or to enchant your daily life to your idea. You will receive support from Jupiter in your companies until January 21st and between April 25th and September 19th. Enjoy this heavenly manna to push the walls (or) and build a universe that suits you and meets your wishes. Let yourself be guided by a clear sky and decidedly favorable to your fulfillment. Waiting for a very end of a year that promises to spoil you and invite you immediately to relight the flame and fully enjoy the moment with the other.

Single, if you found it difficult to go from dream to reality in 2017, you should (and this since last December) not have to complain about the current trends that in 2018 will greatly facilitate the task and make available to you the good comic ways to achieve your ends. Whether you want to settle elsewhere, to expatriate, to buy a house or simply to improve your family exchanges and to live more comfortable and inadequacy with who you really are, you will receive the astral support necessary for you to blossom and wait until you early in the winter of 2018. As of December 23rd, a dashing and bubbling Jupiter should, without further ado, awaken your ardor and invite you to make sparks in love.

3rd decan (August 14-August 22): the lines move.
Have you benefited from rather constructive energy in 2017? Planetary configurations have jostled you while others have helped to move the lines and evolve your structures by destroying some visors that prevented you from seeing further, higher? In 2018, you will enjoy Jupiterian benevolence and between January 21 and April 25 and between September 19 and November 8, 2018. Good times to improve your living conditions and those of yours, start a family or change your outlook on your intimate life, expand your prospects and why not move to settle elsewhere and start on a more fulfilling basis. Especially since Pluto, who comes to shake up a daily routine and invites you to question your habits, some acquired between February and July, will reinforce your need to question a conditioning that may subtly lock you. No (more) then to vegetate in a system that muzzles your appetite for life and may prevent you from fully realizing but dare some transformations that free you and allows you to express with family and everywhere what you are really. Bet on the heavenly harmony that Jupiter and Pluto will form between mid-April to dare the transformations that tempt you and move the lines in the right direction with your family and why not at work. Venus will encourage exchanges between you and the partner but will not put you away from (tense) family discussions between February 3rd and 10th. The tender planet will encourage bold positions and undertakings between March 23rd and 31st. You can count on your friends to support you and help you realize your projects between May 11 and 19 and on a power of seduction at the top between July 1 and July 10 to shine with all your fires and make sparks in love. If Venus facilitates exchanges between August 27th and September 9th, you will probably have to wait from the beginning of October when the discussions go around in circles. Brace your brakes until mid-November to successfully revive the debates and conclude with family by the beginning of January. While waiting for the favors of Jupiter who should, as of mid-February 2019, complete to weld the clan and warm the atmosphere.

As a couple, if 2017 has allowed you to consider love differently and perhaps to close ranks around a more inspiring vision of the future and a better osmosis between you and the other fueled by the common ambition to broaden your horizons, you will benefit in 2018 from flows that will confirm this trend and will push you to overcome a routine that sclerose your family life and renew your bases to evolve together in a good way. Until early March 2019, do not hesitate to change the mentality and aim far and high so that your duo is constantly enriched and escapes the stagnation.

Single, you understand that a love that lasts is necessarily ambitious. You will have to heart in 2018 to continue your momentum and invest only if your stories are up to your expectations. You will therefore hardly want to maintain idylls that have no sense and even less future. You can rely on Jupiter to make you aware of the importance of being true to yourself and your most authentic desires to create the environment that suits you and in which you aspire to flourish alone or as a couple. If in 2018 you will have the opportunity to fly, it is however from mid-February 2019 that love is on the front line in your nest and your life.

Our Advice
A year in which everyone will look for or install a framework that can reassure, seduce and, in any case, reflect what has become so profound. Presumably to welcome from November the bubbling of a flamboyant Jupiter who should then actively take care to awake (to awaken) your love. So in 2018, try to define and find what really suits you so in 2019 to install who you want and who you like.