Leo Daily Horoscope Today Monday 4th April 2022

You may well have the incomprehensible whim of embarking on a basic cleaning. It would be a shame to miss it! Such desires are rather fleeting with you and it’s time to seize the ball. Or rather the feather duster! Make the vacuum cleaner suffer, torture the sponges, and invite the broom to dance a wild tango. At the end of the day, you will almost feel like you have moved! Amazing, right?

Don’t let the chaos and tension around you get to you. Your motto should be “together but not mixed up”. Most confrontations are born of the battle between the old and the new. Don’t get involved in other people’s fights. Stay close enough so you can observe and understand the situation, yet far enough away so you’re not part of the chaos.leo daily horoscope today monday 4th april 2022


The influence of a loved one will be beneficial and will chase away your doubts, do not isolate yourself. Your vitality will be omnipresent, nothing will stop you, physically speaking. You would benefit from practicing physical activity on a more regular basis. Your thoughts are clear, your actions are courageous, and everything is in place for a very constructive day under the sign of positive energy. You just need to properly channel your impulsiveness.

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Money 4th April 2022

You may be yearning for a new romance right now. And you could vibrate today for an almost unknown woman. Be optimistic, it may be a real passion that begins. You are naturally sociable and you are not afraid to strike up a conversation with strangers. You won’t be disappointed today: you may be discussing the rain and the good weather with a person who will turn your life upside down!

Did the topic of marriage come up in your talks with your better half? Today it may sound like fantasy, but maybe it’s time to ask yourself what you expect from this relationship. If it’s marriage, you and your partner should honestly assess the situation and outline the way forward to build the future together. So don’t worry so much! Arm yourself with courage and decision.

The natives of the third decan who live as a couple will be under the direct influence of Pluto, which will establish a rather hostile climate within your relationship. You will certainly have to face the reproaches of your partner who takes a dim view of the relationship you can have with someone around you. Even if you show denial, your arguments will have difficulty being heard and this could provoke an outburst of jealousy that you will find completely unjustified.

The stars coach you in the right direction and set the tone. Today, if you favor humor, it will go better. The day goes well from the moment you let yourself go, your lightness takes care of the rest. As a couple: As a duo, everything is going relatively well. You decide to make efforts so that the situation goes well between you. For your greatest pleasure, your partner is receptive, your expectations are rewarded. You are very satisfied.

Here is a great day that begins. You’re in such good shape you feel like you could break the 100-meter record! Nothing will stop you from your plans for the day. Use the time saved on your job to enjoy your little family and do not hesitate to make important appointments today. You will be at your best to convince your interlocutors that you have the solution they were looking for without knowing it!

You might feel inspired to start a revolution. Perhaps you are seeing some things that are not right in your workplace. You could make a presentation that clarifies your points. Your professional perfectionism will help you discern what needs to be improved. Find a way to share your observations with those in power. You will feel good about asking them for help and support.

You have the right impulses to succeed in your business and gather capital that will be very useful for you to invest in projects that bring big profits. It is with a lot of audacity that you manage to convince your interlocutors at the moment. Whatever your schedule, the day is busy. You have brought work home or you are considering work. Fortunately, you have the energy to spare and a long-term vision!

The fog clears and it’s time to take off from the runway. Your dreamy mood of the last few days was pleasant to live with, but now you have to resume your activities. Use what you have been able to take away from your reflections over the past few days to bounce back. Don’t get trapped in situations and discussions that don’t directly concern you. Feel free to do whatever you want and start on the right foot.

You will give a speech. The energy of the day will inspire you to present yourself in public. You will stand up in a business meeting and present your ideas. Or you will speak at an event such as a formal dinner or a company meeting. Don’t be afraid to express yourself. You are a hard worker with a lot of experience, and you have a lot to share.

Beware of Mars influencing your astral ambiance. You will want to spend the money you have saved and that is not a good thing. Think rather that these pennies will be used for you to go on vacation and will therefore be very useful once there. Today, the natives of your sign will be 100% invested in their work. You will be able to get ahead of your missions without anyone having to complain to you. If you are looking for a job, you will get an interview.

Family and Friends
An Olympian calm will preside over your dealings with others today. Your family will find you particularly relaxed, including your children for whom you are available and attentive. These peaceful relationships will do you the greatest good, and it was time! Likewise, your circle of friends will give you a certain serenity. This moment of grace, we can say, is well deserved. You can thank the joint influence of Jupiter and Venus for creating this ideal situation.

Good day for your gray cells! Get into reading or research because your mind is strong and this energy will make you easily absorb a lot of information. You should easily find a solution to the problems that arise. You will be happy that the day is over because you will have worn out your big brains! Have absolute confidence in your intelligence and your abilities.

Today there will be some dominant energy around you. Although you may get along with everyone, you will feel overwhelmed by this aggression. Don’t be afraid to make the points clear. You will need to set certain boundaries and make the appropriate known about their inappropriate behavior. Everything will improve with some honesty and tact. And you’ll feel better if you clear things up.

By dint of accumulating excess food or outings, you have greatly exceeded your ideal weight. Don’t try to tuck in your belly, that jeans button didn’t pop off by chance. Now that you have realized this, take control of yourself. Sign up for that new gym that just opened next to your job. It will allow you to clear your mind while eliminating your calories. Beautiful, your program will be filled with successes.

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