Leo Daily Horoscope for Today Sunday 6th January 2019

Leo Daily Horoscope for Today Sunday 6th January 2019

This weekend there are many alternatives in your economic life. Once you have made a decision you must follow it and not deviate, so as not to start jumping from one side to another. With these hesitations you would incur losses of time and money.

The planetary influences cover you with a very strong aura that helps you to get away with the daily difficulties. It exalts your natural capacity for healing and recovery. If you have recently operated on today, you will experience that revitalization, Leo.leo daily horoscope today sunday 6th january 2019

Do not complain because life smiles at you in the loving aspect. You must be more optimistic and look at the positive side of the situations that surround you. A person older than you is spinning around and looking for a relationship with you. Something beautiful is approaching your life.

Warm up well in case of bad weather because your defense system is somewhat low and you could be vulnerable. If you do the right thing you will not have complications, but do not expose yourself unnecessarily to the elements.

Work and Career
Renew yourself in the labor sector. Do something different in your work and put into action what your imagination is brewing. Your initiatives will be appreciated and little by little you will begin to receive the recognition to which you are creditor in your employment.

Money and Luck
As you incorporate new ideas and economic systems in your financial activity, you will achieve your success. You are on a good path to increase your income and even to receive a happy surprise at random, Leo.

If you’re not careful, a fight with your partner may arise tonight. The initial topic of the discussion could be money. However, both are stressed and tired, so any little thing that they do not like can lead to irascible responses. Be careful! Try to vent your frustrations before seeing your sweetheart, maybe taking an energetic walk. Not worth it.

Today you could take the decision to plant some seeds. This can be in a literal sense, like when you design your garden. Or maybe you try to start something in a more metaphorical sense. An idea may arise to carry out a project or maybe start a business. You could do a little initial investigation or some phone consultations to probe the viability of the idea, or just launch yourself.

Today for you, the key word is action: this morning wear comfortable shoes and have fun. Matiza your dealings with others with a pinch of illogical prank and find ways to escape reality for a moment. Take the original stage and incorporate a touch of eccentricity. Today opinions will be especially strong and conflicts may arise. You will see how a breath of mischief and joy will remedy any situation.
This Sunday, at work, some of you may lose your temper. And yet it does not look like you. But you (or a close colleague) may be the victim of an injustice. You will have a hard time keeping quiet, especially since it is not the first time. So, defend yourself but do not fall into verbal excesses.

On the financial side, the sector is currently protected by Uranus in your sign, and this is not the time to give in to excess. On the contrary, take advantage of this period to take stock of your financial situation and anticipate some future expenses. Already, it will prevent you from thinking about it without stopping.

You may experience a sentimental disappointment equal to the hopes you had in this relationship. Indeed, Mercury leaves home IV and darkens your astral climate, thus promoting the emergence of conflicts.

It is not impossible that you learn a news that you assimilate to betrayal on the part of your partner. Try to take a step back so you do not let yourself be swayed by a deep sense of resentment that you might feel about it and regret it quickly.

It will really be necessary to avoid putting yourself at odds with the authorities, legality today is particularly recommended. Do not hesitate to make new contacts to develop your financial affairs, your situation deserves.

Leo Lucky Numbers Today 6th January 2019 are 34, 52, 28,79

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