Leo Daily Horoscope Today 2nd April 2018

Leo Daily Horoscope Today 2nd April 2018

A formidable stage has begun in your affective and work reality, Leo. With the movement of the Moon in Cancer on the eve of the transit to your Leo sign in two days creates a framework of action that attracts you prosperity and joy.

You feel less tense, with more tranquility to carry out your affairs without major complications. There is also the possibility of traveling these days, so go prepare for any eventuality.leo daily horoscope monday 2nd april 2018

Everything will go happily, without problems. You have before your eyes a good astral horizon in this month of April that is beginning.

Single or single? Your period of solitude is over and life rewards you now with a passionate stage.

Love touches your doors in the figure of someone who emerges in the least expected moment and circumstance; Do not let it escape.

The planetary position that is happening today can alter your biorhythm and create some health problems if you suffer from thyroid disorders, kidney disorders or nervous disorders caused by anxiety. Relax and do not worry so much about inconsequential issues.

If you feel inspired to buy some equipment or personal instrument that can help you facilitate your work or be more comfortable in your job, do not hesitate to make that investment even if it is not your responsibility. You deserve the best. It can be an electronic device or a type of program for your computer.

Money and Luck
A touch of chance on a family member will splash your sign with a touch of money.

It will not be the definitive solution to your economic problems, but it will soften your tensions and present needs and you will be able to catch up on your affairs stabilizing your economy in general.