Leo Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 7th April 2019

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 7th April 2019

The planetary aspects of this weekend are creating what is called a dynamic environment in your horoscope that helps you feel with a higher level of energy and with greater desire to do what you need to move your life forward, prosper, be develop properly.

Face your reality intuitively according to your common sense, Leo, but nuances your words with sensitivity to achieve harmony. Do not externalize immediately what you think.leo daily horoscope today sunday 7th april 2019

You feel different effluvia in your life, you inspire yourself to realize what before you did not dare to do and new incentives arise that change your outlook. Go ahead and say that word that you are waiting for, do not make yourself beg, love when it arrives and touches the heart, it should not be left without entering.

Possibly in this cyclical period you suffer from some alterations in your normal sleep patterns. A good walk before going to bed will help you a lot to solve the problem. Avoid sleeping pills to not create habits.

The position of Mercury, retrograde in the fire element, which is yours, Leo, is creating a kind of passive resistance to your work projects. If you want to achieve your goals you will have to use your social tact and persuasion skills with your classmates.

Money and Luck
Follow your hunches if you feel uncomfortable in a business management that does not work. A timely withdrawal can save you from many future economic losses. If your partner does not inspire confidence, put an end to that negotiation!

Love energy level Today is high, strong
Cosmic dynamics that you should take advantage of: combine your affective interests with the material ones.
Dangerous trend of today in your sign Leo: stop doing what is important by worrying about secondary things.
What should you avoid?: stressful situations.

The best relationship today: this Sunday there is very good compatibility with fire signs like yours, Aries and Sagittarius. Also with Cancer, even of water, and with Gemini and Aquarius, which are of air.
The most tense relationship: avoid confrontations with natives of Capricorn.
Your current compatibility: you vibrate in good vibes with signs of fire and air, also with Cancer, even of water.
If you are single: attend those social gatherings where there are people who share your interests and related tastes.

By Mary Emma

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