Leo Daily Horoscope Today Friday 14th December 2018

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Friday 14th December 2018

The double influence of these two planets retrograde one of them in a sign of your element, fire, can complicate a little the day. A dream disturbs you and you feel again thinking of a person from your past that you have not seen for a long time.

Most likely, they are also thinking of you and the mental energy is being sent indelibly. If it was worth it and you are without a partner, why not try a new encounter? The level of communication with your partner is in a high degree and you can be reconciled if you have suffered problems in the past, this coming weekend will be very interesting.leo daily horoscope today friday 14th december 2018

Now you have a green light for romance. Do not run away from your reality and it will go better for you. Once you have faced your present, everything will be resolved happily and you will make a qualitative leap forward in your sentimental reality.

Stay away from places where there are dangerous conditions such as heights, electrical installations and places with strong odors, both ammonia and disinfectants that may affect your health. You are very sensitive to environmental risks.

Be careful, Leo! Act with maturity if you are tempted to respond abruptly to an insolence of a co-worker because your response could create an embarrassing work situation in which the first harmed would be you because in this planetary cycle misunderstandings and confrontations arise.

Money and Luck
There will be opportunities to take advantage and money to your knowledge. You are entering a period of economic adjustments that will help you to create a solid foundation in your budget.

By Mary Emma

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