Leo Daily Horoscope Today Friday 14th September 2018

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Friday 14th September 2018

The Moon in the fourth quarter phase moves within the sign of Cancer. If you declared your love to a person who is now far from you, do not get discouraged or discouraged because this is part of the healing process of your sentimental life and in a short time you will be more sure if you really loved her, or it was illusion.

The key to a good working relationship is cooperation and cordiality. If a co-worker stays away from you, try to approach him in a friendly way and smooth out rough edges. It is not healthy to have enmities in your job.leo daily horoscope today friday 14th september 2018

If you give free rein to your emotions you will break a very nice relationship and then you will regret asking for excuses, apologies, forgiveness and many similar things. Today you are somewhat insecure so do not make definitive decisions.

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Good time for some type of operation that requires hospital admission. If you have been postponing a treatment, do it today because you have your level of regeneration and scar healing and so you can recover faster.

Someone in your work lives always thinking about conspiracies, conspiracies, hidden enemies and will come to your side to transmit your fears and insecurities. Do not listen to him because it would take away your energy and sleep, causing you worries.

Money and Luck
A person from a foreign country that has business with you will give you good news and you can make a positive trip. Very good on Friday for your job prospects if you work in the tourism sector or service to the public.