Leo Daily Horoscope Today Friday 15th January 2021

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Friday 15th January 2021

The passage of the Moon through the Libran sign stimulates your imagination. Your exciting personality shines brightly in love. You get what you wanted and in no time you will be enjoying what seemed impossible to have in your hands. This is a happy Friday in all aspects because the planetary positions promote the best for you, however, do not forget that Mars, the planet of energy, is in the fire element and you tend to act somewhat impulsively. Take the confusion out of your mind when talking with your partner and there will be no difficulty because your way of being, direct and genuine, will solve everything.

Show your body to the world! You will change the shoes and sportswear for sensual clothes. Your passion and sense of romance are at their peak, therefore you must take advantage of all its value. You can expect to receive a significant benefit as a result of the extra efforts you have made for your image.leo daily horoscope 15th january 2021

You feel in a somewhat impulsive tone wanting to impose your ideas on others, something that can be counterproductive with your partner or with someone you have just met and they may think that you are too dominant, something that by the way is not far from certain impulsive qualities of your bright personality ruled by the Sun. Living together, you will have a hard time not launching into a clandestine story from which you will not come out unscathed, neither you nor your couple! But if you can’t resist the dizziness of infidelity, at least try to be low-key! Single, the day will be a time of wild passions or great love, and you might find yourself swept up in the whirlpools of a tumultuous affair. The stars will offer you a scorching night. It will be the empire of the senses and the impulses of the heart!

A family member may be a little depressed, and you’ll be tempted to cheer them up to move on. Do not do it; they will ignore you, and it could cause tensions in the family. Your self-esteem will probably be very low. You tend to be your worst critic at the best of times, but today you are a bit confused. Try to be fair to everyone around you, especially yourself.

Single, your Jupiter soul convinces you that true love can only exist beyond borders and you politely refuse any close encounter or any form of presentation. You are looking for a great adventure elsewhere and your instincts may not be mistaken. The eruption of a distant Libra in your life could comfort you in your initial impression. In a Relationship, your impetuous behavior will lead you into an area of turbulence.

You will enjoy the necessary peace of mind to reorganize your life and prioritize what is truly important for your health. Refresh your mind with creative activities that help you distract yourself and put your issues in perspective. Mercury in a good posture in your Heaven, it is a lot of vitality, but not always well used. From where a tendency to live in accelerated, and often on the nerves. Defect that you can correct by respecting more regular rhythms.

Today, the outbursts of your friends, colleagues, husband, and children can irritate you more than usual. The moods and nerves of those around you can be in tatters. At times like this, it is best to keep calm and be as warm and friendly as ever. Today’s disagreements may not last long, but tension with others can make for a very upsetting day!

It’s a perfect day to work out physically. Under the sign of Mars, the star of endurance, you have come back up to speed. You will be full of energy without knowing what to do, a real electric battery! This vivacity may be useful to some and serve others. For example, if you work in the manual sector or in a position that requires endurance, your level of productivity will be boosted. On the other hand, if your job involves spending a lot of time sitting and being calm, especially in the open space, the day could seem endless.

Some people outside your work can offer you ideas and suggestions that will bring a new perspective and perspective to your occupations. You must be open to criticism and opinions of other workers because that attitude will help you a lot. Your professional life will temporarily become a priority. You will reap the fruits of what you have sown in recent weeks. A rewarding promotion if you have been able to steer your boat. Or, for a few native people of the sign, a failure due to past mistakes. If so, don’t panic: Saturn will quickly help you get back on track.

You’ll feel spatially strong, healthy, and charismatic, and you’ll likely be invited to interesting parties. You will be surprised what happens when you experience a sudden increase in your popularity level. More career opportunities may also present themselves, and you may find that doors are opening to a whole new life: new friends, a new job, and possibly even a new home.

Money and Luck
During this astral stage pay attention to your friends and family because they could contribute new ideas that will help you raise your economy and increase your income, especially in this planetary cycle through which your sign is going. With this aspect of Saturn, you will have a lot to do to keep your budget balanced. After a prosperous period where you have led a great life as you know so well, watch out for the restrictions! You will be asked to pay a late bill or an administrative fine that you have neglected and that you will not be able to back down. You will surely be forced to give up a purchase you wanted. Leo Luck Today

Why do you care so much what others think about you? It’s amazing how important you are to their comments. The time has come to end that feeling of inferiority and finally realize what you are worth. Try to have a little more confidence in your abilities and your skills. Each person in the world has their own abilities, if you look at it carefully, in the end, that is what makes you a particular being and the faster you learn to value your gifts, the faster you can enjoy them and put them to the service of others.

Well installed in the shadow of the Moon, you will be particularly attentive to your financial situation today and the latter will pay you back. If you have contracts to sign or want to negotiate an offer, now is the time. However, take the time to read the small lines carefully and, if necessary, seek professional advice before finalizing anything. Some natives might see a nice sum of money fall or get a long-awaited refund.

Family and Friends
There is a wolf side in you that is never far from resurfacing. You set yourself up as a protector of the home and do not like outside intrusions. A native of the first decan, you defend your fortress with frenzied zeal. You might be able to show a little more mercy towards “others”, those who are not fortunate enough to be a part of your precious home. Some of your relatives, those in the second zone, suffer from being only satellites in your eyes. The presence of Jupiter, a beneficial planet, could have an impact on the family sector, in particular by promoting an improvement in your relations with your brothers or sisters, who will be understanding and ready to help you.

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