Leo Daily Horoscope Today Friday 16th October 2020

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Friday 16th October 2020

The month of October comes into your life with a great energetic tone, but at the same time with an enormous amount of information that you must process in order not to get involved in situations beyond your control, Leo. Do not believe everything you see, or be guided by appearances, but analyze it well because now you receive a vital energy boost that will help you get out of your difficulties and problems very well. A new sentimental horizon opens up in your affective reality, everything is positively changing in your environment.

Today people are not likely to be sensitive to your needs. In fact, the truth is exactly the opposite. You may find that when problems arise, people do what is best for themselves and do not care too much about others. Make sure you have enough emotional reserve invested in yourself so that when push comes to shove, you have enough confidence with which to function.leo daily horoscope 16th october 2020

Your mind gets involved in different situations and fantasies, you have dreams that could come true and at first, they make you blush, but don’t feel bad. A love relationship is strengthened when there is imagination at the time of romance, something that is now being accentuated with the transit of the Moon through your opposite sign. Work is a priority. An opportunity falls on you. It represents a chance! This news rekindles your confidence! You could put your love life aside. Lack of time and disorganization leads to tensions. They can throw a cold. Your love life is going through a stormy moment! Fortunately, you don’t want to hurt. Discussion is called for. It can defuse or on the contrary put under pressure! Be tactful!

You will decide to put someone under your wings. You are a good counselor, therefore you may end up being a mentor to someone. Planetary influences emphasize masculine energy, which means you may be helping a male friend or relative. You will teach him a complex mechanical mechanism, updating it with new techniques. Or you will help him learn about computing.

The natives of the third decan will be in a playful mood with their companion thanks to the influence of the Sun. You dream of a romantic and sensual evening. The other natives of the sign, however, have nothing to fear on the love side. Everything will happen in joy and good humor in the home. If you’ve been in a relationship for many years, however, try to organize a romantic dinner or a date at least once a week to bond and remind yourself why you love each other.

You participate in household chores. Your hyperactive nature does a lot of things. You want to give the best of you! Your other half likes this behavior. Ideal love reigns under your roof. Happiness is back. But beware of outbursts! Your characters are stubborn! Leave the last word to your other half! It will avoid tension! A very unexpected meeting happens with your friends. It can confuse you. You are indeed not ready. Plan to react quickly. The person can make advances. Her enterprising attitude might blow you away. Strong emotions will titillate you! This flirtation promises to be very passionate! It can also be intellectually captivating!

There are many ways to activate muscles through yoga-type exercises, calisthenics, and other similar methods that are even acquired on videotapes. If you can’t attend a gym, at least make a point of doing something at home, a little bit is better than nothing. After a dynamic day like yesterday, today will be disappointing. You will feel very tired, and you will decide to take it easy. This is, therefore, a good day to advance your reading or to watch that video that you could not yet. Although it shouldn’t surprise you if it makes you sleepy! Just relax! Some times are totally suitable for doing nothing!

Don’t waste your energy unnecessarily. The day promises to be a bit chaotic and you will need all your abilities to face the obstacles that may get in your way. Your nerves will be strained and you will need to be cool to get out of an awkward situation. The natives of the second decan will be particularly sensitive to the magnetism of Jupiter which arrives at the threshold of the 4th house and will have to be careful not to overdo it.

Use your sense of humor and put aside aggressive impulses because during these days you could be subject to bad jokes in your work and if you act emotionally you would harm yourself. Disregard them and you will see how everything works out. One of your bosses puts you in a good position! But this post can be a replacement. Do not shy away from this pleasure! A turning point is coming and it is completely unexpected! This position can be an opportunity that hides a professional springboard!

Today your mind will be more cloudy and dispersed than usual, and you should try not to lose your north or discipline, especially when completing projects. Today you have a lot of energy and you should take advantage of it. Spend time with friends and share your ideas. Your mind will be activated; seize it.

Money and Luck
The day of the jump to the big project is approaching. New friends, business contacts, and influential people are approaching your economic sphere and you can achieve a lot, but beware of manipulations by opportunists. You have to be careful with your spending. They are still high. Defer your payments or review your urgent costs! With some common sense and some DIY, you should cope with these loads! Despite this atmosphere, stability is there! Leo Luck Today

You cannot be positive with a negative attitude. Remember that the next time you feel like a failure. How you handle the situation is important. Today you will find that emotional issues get in your way. Don’t let your own stubborn attitude toward the situation hold you back. Realize that there are other ways, beyond yours, to solve the problem.

If you’re looking for a job, the heavens are merciful to you, and you might find a listening ear. Do not hesitate to multiply the steps and contacts, the arrival of Uranus brings good news and this could lead to a favorable outcome. Those who work could see their hard work rewarded and receive recognition from their hierarchy. In any case, the day promises to be beneficial so do not hesitate to show initiatives.

Family and Friends
Jupiter continues to boost your social interactions and your investment in this area. You do not lack the creativity to juggle all the appointments that you impose on yourself! This ministerial diary should not prevent you from making time for yourself and your family. Some natives will have to choose between two people they are very close to. Accept the situation: you’ll soon realize that some friends are only good in the happiest of times. You favor discussion with a loved one.

Despite the absence of complicity, you remain courteous! You want to evolve towards reconciliation. You have to open your eyes! We take advantage of your kindness and helpfulness. A friendship that smiles can turn out to be wrong! Know how to be more vigilant!

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