Leo Daily Horoscope Today Friday 17th August 2018

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Friday 17th August 2018

This Friday when there are several cosmic movements of the planet Mercury, associated with the retrograde incidence of Saturn, you will notice how your astral landscape is very different from what was presented last week. Love reveals an aspect so far little explored by you and that can include starting a relationship in a formal way, overcoming the doubts and suspicions that had you paralyzed.

You will decide to put aside your routine procedures to resolve labor issues and act in an unforeseen way taking measures that will amaze everyone.leo daily horoscope today friday 17th august 2018
Do not waste this day with recriminations or fights, and use it to increase the level of intimacy with your family and yours. You are in a positive cycle but also obstacles so when these arise the main thing is that you face them and do not let yourself fall at any time, much less bring down something that will be transitory. It is your birthday period and you will live it intensely.

The planetary incidences that are surrounding you today are positive, since the direct transit of Jupiter will help you to reconsider many health plans. Wait a little before making drastic changes in your life regime because everything must be done gradually and gradually. This way you will do better in the present and future, do not lose sight of it, Leo.

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There is nothing negative in these moments going around in your horoscope. Even if you find yourself unemployed, doors that were not open to you begin to open and you find employment where you least expect to find it. The beginning of the month of September in a few days will be highly beneficial for you as well as the sequel to the next eclipse of your regent the Sun on the 20th.

Money and Luck
You will have to invest and put money to circulate if you want it to grow and produce. It is not saving your resources as you move the energy. Now you must listen to all the good advice of those who know more about economics than you and take advantage of them well. Avoid impulse purchases, Leo.