Leo Daily Horoscope Today Friday 18th September 2020

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Friday 18th September 2020

The effluvium of the conjunctions of your ruler the Sun with Mercury, Venus, and Mars continues to expand this Friday when the Moon is in your opposite sign. Prepare for the best, Leo, because during these days of the month of the September equinox a shocking astral wave surrounds you that transforms everything. It is possible that as a result of a square of your ruler the Sun with the planet Jupiter -90 degrees of difference between the two, you may feel a bit insecure or anxious. Smile at love, and it, in turn, will smile at you. Now you are renewed and fresh, able to happily face new situations that arise in your sentimental and social life, you will shine with the strength that comes from your royal sign of the fire element.

Leo, you are an overly intelligent person, which in many cases turns out to be more of a problem than a benefit. You are so smart that no one can lie to you, no one can cheat on you and if someone does it is sure that you already know it, try not to be distrustful, otherwise, you can never be happy, the cosmos is giving you multiple presents for today. If you take advantage of them well, you can become the richest man in the world in all aspects. But beware of greed and selfishness, humility will always be what gives value to who you are. Focus on doing things right and do not focus on others, take care of your problems, and try to be happy with what you have.leo daily horoscope 18th september 2020

You may have been wrong in a judgment or appreciation of some gesture launched on the fly by that person that interests you. Don’t worry, Leo. Take it all more lightly, nobody is perfect, and we all have the possibility of making mistakes. The important thing is to get up, stand up, move forward and you can do it.

Try not to worry about things that you assume and that you do not know for sure. You must live each day fully, so do not let yourself get involved in confusing situations and trust the people around you, so you can go through the problems that stand between you and your partner as if nothing happened. Living a lot with the family will make you feel good, use that good vibe that characterizes you for good, with that you will be very well with everyone and without problems. These days are very lucky in love, you are in good luck with everything related to love matters.

If you had an argument with your spouse and you thought you would take advantage of the day to pick up the pieces, your plans may be called into question by the proximity of Pluto in your sky. You will thus be subjected to its harmful influence throughout the day and the situation will not be ideal to resolve the conflict between you. Perhaps prefer to wait for a more favorable climate to try to reestablish the dialogue because the dispositions of the stars towards you today do not suggest a satisfactory outcome.

Try to stay on a light diet because planetary combinations do not favor fillings or meals out of proportion with very large portions, always remember that the less we eat, the longer we live. Large dinners can cause digestive distress and upset at night. If you come across a troubled and hypochondriac person trying to drag you into their world of fear and disease, shake yourself off, take a deep breath, and positively focus your energy.

You will need to be careful not to take unnecessary risks today. You find yourself in a particularly troubled astral climate, which will be under the joint influence of the moon and Mercury. Our satellite will make you benefit from its benefactor aura which will bring you a boost of energy, but these beautiful dispositions will be thwarted by the pangs of Mercury, synonymous with torment and disappointment. Prefer to play it safe and if you have the possibility, prefer a day placed under the sign of caution.

The work-related concerns that have worried you now have taken a back seat since you are beginning to see results where you saw problems before and what is coming is much better than you could think a few days ago when you were confused. Start with a big smile this day, since in the workplace the stars have a big surprise for you. That job you’ve always wanted may be waiting for you. But it is necessary that you go out in search of it, and show that it is what you have always wanted for yourself.

You will be pushed into action under the combined good aspects of the planets Mars and Saturn. Your spirit of initiative and enterprise will manifest itself to support your professional ambition. You won’t be afraid of risk, and it will work for you. You will work a lot, most often in tandem, and receive great encouragement.

Money and Luck
Your Leo sign, ruled by our star, is a magnet for money so do not be uncomfortable or worry if something is missing at this time since you will soon be enjoying the economic prosperity to which you are credited. You are facing a situation that requires you to request loans or the fact that you are thinking about the possibility of investing in a business. Leo Luck Today

The stars suggest that you take things slowly and wait since this is not the most convenient time. Review your bank accounts and, if necessary, learn to better manage your money. If you have taken out something on credit, try to pay before that purchase earns you interest and you end up paying more. If it’s your job, everything is going well, it would be a good time to ask for a raise.

If you were waiting for an important answer about your professional future, the day could spell the end of an interminable wait. With Jupiter placed in the center of your Heaven, you are entering a period conducive to the realization of pending business. You may be disconcerted at first by the turn taken by certain events but will quickly know how to pull yourself together to make the most of the situation. Don’t be discouraged, the future holds good surprises for you.

Family and Friends
Under the influence of Jupiter, you are very critical of those around you. This tendency to seek the little animal could cost you dearly from a friendly point of view and strain relationships that are important to you. Respond before it’s too late. Some natives of the second decan will be reluctant to see the world and will fall back on them.

As for the natives of the first decan, they will be particularly sensitive and will exaggerate their emotions. The day is placed under the sign of family harmony. You will get along perfectly with your loved ones. You will find an appropriate solution as a family.

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