Leo Daily Horoscope Today Friday 1st January 2021

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Friday 1st January 2021

The transit of Venus and the influence of the Moon act as springs within your affective life, Leo, creating a happy start to the year. On this Friday you will have the opportunity to meet interesting people, and even, within the sentimental plane, if you are looking for a partner these days that you have in front of you could indicate that meeting that will change your life favorably in 2021. Do not worry about Whatever others say, you are above gossip and envy, but beware as flatterers and flatters swarm around you and can give you a false image of yourself.

The day carries bustling and social energy that will make your day enjoyable and possibly very romantic. Look for the company of nice people, if you have to work, run away from envious or malicious colleagues who will try to spoil the party. If you don’t work, hit the streets and captivate everyone with the good energy you radiate. Tomorrow, when you are back to normal, they will return it to you.leo daily horoscope 1st january 2021

You feel inspired, and that inspiration is what will help you open your heart when you are in front of someone who is intimidated by your strong fire sign personality. On the other hand, in these next few days of the first week of the year, you will be receiving news of someone who has left your life a long time ago, but you see that it has not been forever.

You may feel a strong urge to care for or protect someone. You may find that your child needs guidance right now. Or your partner might need more affection from you. Allow yourself to connect with people in an intimate, loving way. You will want to express how you feel for your loved ones. Don’t shy away from saying “I love you” when they really need to hear it!

You claim to seek love and yet seem to do everything to avoid it, using all possible stratagems to escape the shackles of the couple. Neptune’s turbulence deceives you in your expectations and you delude yourself. Emotionally unstable, above all you need a little solitude, carefreeness, and levity. As such, meeting a fantastic Sagittarius could fill you with joy. You don’t seem ready for true love, despite your protests.

If you have health problems associated with hypoglycemia or diabetes, you are entering a cycle that requires you to do more of your part to avoid falling into food-type temptations by eating, which can harm you because not all conditions are cured with medications.

Today is going to be a great day for you, and you will not lack energy. Choose very physical activities. Take on projects with vigor and if you feel like yelling, do it. You have to express your ideas and emotions so that others know what is hidden behind your appearance. People should not cross your path today, because your charge of warrior energy would push you to strike back.

Even after a difficult awakening, you will manage to overcome this day which promises to be rich in emotions. Take the time to stretch to wake up your muscles and drink a good squeezed fruit juice, orange, lemon, or grapefruit, for your vitamin quota. During the day, get out for some fresh air to stretch your legs and lookup for a moment from your screen. Don’t forget to go to your gym or swim class tonight to shape your body and keep you healthy.

The conjunction of your ruler, the Sun, with Mercury and Jupiter, both direct this first day of the year 2021! If you were restless due to a situation that had not yet been resolved, the news that reaches you is more than favorable. Leos who are looking for a different job, or are assuming a new responsibility are entering a good time with the action of the Moon and the transit of Venus this Friday.

Today will be a busy day at all levels. Inspiration for creative projects, especially writing, will come to you in abundance, and consequently, you will produce results that will surprise even you. Communication with loved ones will be particularly clear, open, and honest. You can clear up some annoying issues with those close to you. Children will prove you as an important source of containment and entertainment. Have fun!

Money and Luck
The cosmic influence of Mars and Venus as well as the movement of the Moon combine to help you go to the place where there are money, fortune, and the possibility of developing your economy by diversifying it in different directions. Heed the advice and recommendations of those who have more experience than you in financial matters and you will not regret it. Leo Luck Today

Perhaps you realize that today you are in the mood to socialize. Although the energy of the day can be a bit erratic. Your friends may not be available to join you for dinner, or they may promise to visit, but then change their minds. Schedules can be a bit unpredictable, so go with the flow. You may not be able to get someone to make an appointment right now! But the day is long.

Know how to try your luck and multiply your contacts, the beneficial astral climate of this day will induce a positive outcome to the steps you take today. If you are currently looking for a job or if you are thinking of reorienting yourself in another field of activity, the positions of the stars are beneficial to you and you will benefit from their influence which will prove to be advantageous for the rest of your professional career. . Take advantage of this prosperous period to pursue your ambitions.

Family and Friends
It is in your family environment that Mercury will be most beneficial today. You show great flexibility and a sense of listening, which allows you to spend moments of great complicity with your spouse and your children. If you have to be in touch with your parents or siblings, you might still get some scolding about your lack of investment in your relationship with them. Take these reproaches into account.

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