Leo Daily Horoscope Today Friday 25th September 2020

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Friday 25th September 2020

In this cycle of the direct transit of Saturn, you are experiencing what is usually called a stage of internal and external growth. The direct transit of Mercury and the influence of the Moon in your horoscope balance the energy tone that comes from retrograde Uranus and Neptune.

And they create a climate of depth and intelligence in which your prudence is combined with your enthusiasm. There will be everything: money and love, but it will not be overnight since everything you achieve will require your effort. Leo, it would not be a bad thing for you to take a break from your work, in what you do every day, take it easy and relax, go for a walk.leo daily horoscope 25th september 2020

Buy an ice cream and watch a movie or a chapter of your favorite series, life is much better if we take time to enjoy what we like after a long time at work, s first hours of today you will probably receive some important news about a loved one or a relative, try to remain calm and think well what you will do, it is never good to be impulsive. In another area, throughout the week some good news will likely arrive, remember that calm always comes after the storm.

Family joy time. You will receive calls from loved ones and especially the possibility of resuming something that was interrupted. The doors of the heart of those who kept them closed for you for a long time open. You will need to pay close attention to the relationships you have with those dear to your heart.

Indeed, Pluto arrives in the 4th house and brings in its wake a climate conducive to disputes. People in a relationship could experience an unexpected event that is a source of tension. In this case, prefer dialogue to confrontation and know how to put forward your arguments diplomatically to prevent the situation from escalating. Remember, sometimes it’s better to know how to make concessions.

Your family is what you appreciate the most at this time, but due to adversity, you can’t spend more time with them. You must make a little extra effort to be able to visit them since they miss you so much. Talking to them will do you good. It may be that for different reasons you have moved away from your relatives, call them, communicate with them. Don’t leave misunderstandings unresolved, talk about the indifference you had, and keep in touch with them.

This is the ideal week and month to schedule your annual checkup with your doctor and dentist. There is nothing better than prevention, checking your blood chemistry, your organs in general and that can only be done by your doctor. There cannot be a better time for those born under this sign. Good news, your level of health has never been so balanced, it is an excellent time to go for a run, try extreme sports, eat what you have always wanted without fear of losing your health.

Take care of your joints today because you are not immune to a sprain or a bad fall that could force you to stay locked in your home for a few days. Uranus takes an unfavorable position in your Heaven and you will be under the influence of its harmful radiation. Try to avoid situations that could harm you as much as possible. The natives of the second decan will have to be especially careful at the end of the evening when the risks will be multiplied.

Everything changes positively for you because now you focus on what is worth it. This is a Friday of opportunities, an intense day in which your talents and abilities will shine when solving something that others could not, which makes you receive praise. If what you are looking for is a job, today is an excellent day as the stars prepare great job offers for you that can get you out of trouble.

It is important to make a good first-hand impression, try a little harder on your first presentation, as it is the most important. Today is a good day for you in the workplace. Great day for making commitments or making a deal. What you sign now can only evolve in your favor. But that will not be a reason for neglecting elementary precautions.

Money and Luck
Continue as you go, with the plans that you have proposed and you will be amazed at what you achieve since now you have a great drive to carry out projects that were paralyzed. If you do not receive that money that you expect, do not be impatient because it is already on its way. Leo Luck Today

If you were waiting for an important answer about your professional future, the day could spell the end of an interminable wait. With Jupiter placed at the center of your Heaven, you are entering a period conducive to the realization of pending matters. You may be disconcerted at first by the turn taken by certain events but will quickly know how to pull yourself together to make the most of the situation. Don’t be discouraged, the future holds good surprises for you.

At this time you do not have the economic position you want, you must prioritize the most essential things at this time before having in mind buying luxuries. But this does not mean that you will have financial problems, you will be able to spend what is necessary without exceeding yourself. Try to save as much as you can. Due to your excellent vision in the financial field, today your economy will work perfectly. This is a good time to start taking a break, as you don’t have much to worry about. Enjoy the good times that are being presented to you with the people you appreciate the most.

Family and Friends
Endowed with a lively mind and open to the world thanks to the beneficial presence of Pluto, you are particularly sociable: you will be keen to meet new people and forge strong bonds with them. More than any other sign today, you know that humor is the engine of friendship and you plan to use it.

Neighbors Day, after-work drink with coworkers, dinner with your closest friends, any occasion will be good to meet your social interaction needs. Beware of your slightly blunt frankness: today it risks hurting those you love. Put honey on your tongue, and your relationships with those close to you will be improved.

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