Leo Daily Horoscope Today Friday 2nd November 2018

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Friday 2nd November 2018

The energy of the Moon in transit to the fire element this Friday tends to make you very imprudent. Do not rush to buy anything now or make large investments like a house or land unless you are totally convinced of its effectiveness. The unpredictable is happening in this astral cycle. Your relationships with your children will be excellent. They will be in a superb form, and harmony will reign at home. If one of your children wants to get involved in a sport or learning an artistic activity, encourage them: it will be a good time.

You will notice how money and love are held by each other and it is possible that an unexpected relationship will arise that not only brings you joy in your love life but also a leap in your economy. It shows a short trip, perhaps weekend, in which you can recover time you thought you had lost with who now shows you how much you represent in your life. In all things, moderate your reactions a little brutal. Your tactic will be to pretend to bite so you do not get bitten. But it will be necessary to put some forms today, diplomacy obliges!https://youtu.be/Sw2-qubTNSU

A minor mishap can make you restless and think that they do not love you, but it is not so. It is simply about the cosmic games in your sign that make you be more jealous and susceptible to the account. Do not worry. Mars in this unusual configuration may be worth a few swirls in love. Mars is the god of war, but he is also the master of desire and sensuality. This heavenly visitor can set fire to the powder by immersing you in an intense sensual passion. Some natives living in pairs will also choose to target their usual partner, But let’s hope he will be staring!

There is no problem in your astral horizon, but you should be more careful at home because there is a penchant for entertainment and dispersion that could cause avoidable domestic accidents if you put a little more caution. Try not to get into the evil Mars game by playing on aggression and provocation. You would end up exhausting yourself, having angered a lot of people, which would obviously not go in the direction you are looking for.

Do not worry about an unexpected situation in your job since the person indicated to help you solve it will soon arrive at your side and together they will be able to leave gracefully of the gravitating problems in your work life. Well supported by the good influx of Pluto, you will be able to carry out delicate steps and advance your important projects thanks to your initiative. Your loved ones will support you.

Money and Luck
You will achieve a lot if you do not let others take the lead. Do not trust third parties and do things your way, but consult with experts if there is a lot of money involved. In the financial field, if you do not embark on ventures that are too audacious or even risky, you will succeed in consolidating your situation. Act, not according to your sometimes excessive ambitions, but according to your means.

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