Leo Daily Horoscope Today Friday 8th July 2022

Please do not upset your staunchest allies. You’d be surprised what they know, and how they know it, so don’t underestimate them! You have to maintain good relations with them and maintain confident and fruitful exchanges on all the subjects that bring you together. Finally, don’t be too touchy. No need to take the fly if one of them makes you a reflection that hurts you the essential is elsewhere!

You may have the opportunity to get to know your neighbors better today. It is sometimes by simply taking the trouble to engage in conversation that we discover true affinities. Today, these circumstances could occur and you will be the first surprised by the quality of this first contact. And it’s so much nicer to live in a less impersonal environment around your home.

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Act today without hesitation, especially if you follow unknown directions or if you explore new territory. It may not sound like the best advice, but this is a day to say an unwavering “yes” to all kinds of proposals that come your way, even if some are confusing. You shine in these kinds of tests. Expect to be above your class by the end of the day!

Today you may want to be a little more disciplined with something. Perhaps you are planning to lose a little weight. You will be ready to start a new diet. Or you may force yourself to go exercise. It’s time for you to really commit to your goals. Do not let negative people or bad attitudes divert you from your path. You can achieve anything if you put your mind to it!

If you are a creator who hesitates to expose your works to an audience, whether anonymous or familiar, it is absolutely necessary to drop the veil today. The positions of the planets suggest that you will meet an influential character, an expert in your field of expertise, who will be ready to give you a little help. If only by sound advice. Painters, novelist, photographers or pastry chef of the thunder, show yourself in full light!

With today’s heavenly setup, you’ll probably find it hard to focus on anything. You have a healthy sense of curiosity, and today this quality will be drastically highlighted. Everything will seem to attract your attention; you just won’t be able to concentrate. Tonight: let your partner choose the restaurant and the movie; you won’t be able to decide what you want most!

If you’ve found your wallet to be a bit fluffy and light lately, chances are you’ve decided to look for ways to bail yourself out and improve your relationship with your banker. Are you sure you are using all your skills? Maybe a side job would allow you to make extras. Or simply, you could wake up economies sleeping on a PEL. Take the time to think about it. It may be worth it!

Today it will not be easy for you to get to the bottom of things. If you are at home, instead of getting angry and stressed about it, enjoy a long nap in the afternoon. Water the plants and read a book. Run away to some kind of fantasy island that takes you away from the everyday rush. If you are at work, focus on what you are doing. Dealing with people on their own terms can be extremely difficult. They may not feel totally safe. Take care of them later.

Money and Luck
Today you could get a serious boost from someone. Pay close attention to anything you may receive from others. You can hear about a company that is currently looking for your profile… Or, a small detail that confirms your thoughts, information about your profession or your company… Be the watchman who observes and listens to the world!

Perhaps today you will run into difficulties, realizing that the same rules and guidelines apply to everyone. Sometimes you believe that you are above such standards and that they are unnecessary. You think you can implement your own based on your personal principles and values. Unfortunately in this case you must follow the rules of others. Instead of ruining your day, accept the situation.

The current context does not allow you to have total control of events. So take a little distance and make sure to encourage your inner listening. Even if this method gives you the impression of living in slow motion, take a break and let yourself be carried away by these waves of new sensations. And don’t forget to add a little humor to your daily life too.

These days there may be a person who is very far from your thoughts. Is it possible that the relationship is over and you are the last to know? Don’t let your insecurities take over you. Your friend probably just needs a little time to sort out big issues in her life. She will soon return to seek your warmth and friendship.

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