Leo Daily Horoscope Today Friday 8th November 2019

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Friday 8th November 2019

The most passionate moon of the year will be one of the most anticipated for a sign like yours. It is impossible for you to have more magnetism than today. Learn to manage it or you will have a half neighborhood behind you. You can use that force to achieve great challenges or to have people you have loved for a long time. But always from the perspective of a being that needs a lot of love, not just attraction.

Jupiter, the Great Benefic, will at this moment take care of your life together. You will have to live in a full honeymoon! Your life as a couple will be your greatest achievement. You will see your partner from a more flattering angle. Single, do not despair! With this aspect of Venus, it seems that many people “good in every way” are turning around you and waiting for a small sign of encouragement from you! Be attentive to the right signals.leo daily horoscope 8th november 2019

Money and Luck
There may be many zeros in your checking account, but it will be a temporary situation. Behind these revenues will be equal to stratospheric expenses. You will have to start managing those sudden impulses that lead you to go a little better. You go hand in hand, clicking again and again to expenses that you could avoid. Leo Luck Today

Mercury will pay attention to your earnings and your material well-being. Positive change in this area, most often in relation to a professional promotion involving greater responsibilities. Try to live up to the trust you have placed in you.

Family and Friends
The good influx of Neptune will make you receptive to the needs and desires of your loved ones. You will love to please your loved ones. And this climate of understanding will bring you many joys.

At work, more than ever, you will have to stay on the alert to seize your chance when she deigns to introduce herself. It will not be a matter of thinking too long or waiting for the circumstances to decide for you, or you will see the good opportunities come under your nose!

Moderate exercise is a positive thing, when you do it in excess it can have unexpected consequences on your body. You will feel especially tired today and you may need some attention in certain aspects. You better not take your classes or gym with such intensity. You have other open fronts that you will hardly be able to close.

Changes in your personal or professional situation may disturb and tire you. It is no longer the diffuse lassitude of the last times, due to Saturn, but a “hollow” whose cause is largely psychological. Move, play sports, cultivate a sense of humor: you will soothe your nervous system, and everything will return to normal.

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