Leo Daily Horoscope Today Friday 9th August 2019

Sincerity is one of your positive qualities, but sometimes you confuse it with a lack of tact or sensitivity and this causes you many problems. This Friday is careful with your expressions as you could say or do something inappropriate if you follow an emotional impulse.

The influence of several retrograde planets influences certain unstable situations that you must handle properly. A jovial attitude on your part and those around you predict a delicious evening and the possibilities of a successful weekend during this birthday cycle.

The cosmic vibration that comes from your ruler turns you towards new interests. Suddenly you discover that you are no longer attracted to a certain person and discover in them defects that you do not like at all. Finish what is not convenient and get ready for a new stage after your birthday cycle, a new year of life.

It is a period of feminine evolutionary regeneration and motherhood is very well sponsored. The time is ideal for pregnant women and for those who suffer from ovarian disorders or have problems with their menstruation and ovulation.

Your past experience will be evidenced when facing an unexpected problem in your employment. Your practical knowledge will be very useful in that sense and although today is not a working day you can do a lot from your home for your current job.

Money and Luck
There is great news in the economic sector because the current lunar transit inspires you to conduct good business and you will get the money you need, either from a bank or another similar financial institution.


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