Leo Daily Horoscope Today Monday 10th September 2018

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Monday 10th September 2018

Today’s planetary combinations will also help you recover a lost or absent love. Chance is favorable in the afternoon and evening hours.

Little by little, your love life is going in the right direction if there were complicated situations regarding a relationship that was not working as you should. Something new comes to your emotional horizon and in a few days you will be recovering what you thought you had lost.leo daily horoscope today monday 10th september 2018

All this creates an intense landscape within your sentimental reality and in a few days you will see how your dreams of love begin to crystallize in a surprising way, Leo.

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Maybe you get up later than other days and this situation could disappoint you because it would be spoiling your health plan for Monday. Do not get carried away by these setbacks. Take them as a challenge to your will and integrity.

In this astral cycle you are favored in the work aspect although some unexpected setbacks are apparently occurring. Do not be discouraged because what happens is convenient and that expected position is about to fall into your hands.

Money and Luck
It will cost you a little work to get paid for some money you have borrowed, but do not give up and insist. Your tenacity will help you recover your funds and get out of a legal issue or demand that has you worried.