Leo Daily Horoscope Today Monday 17th December 2018

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Monday 17th December 2018

Your self-confidence is accentuated and you can say “no” to a person who bothers you and accept what can put you on a successful path. When things seem to be complicated, the light always emerges at the end of the tunnel, both from the point of view of love and economic.

Now you are very clear mentally, your intuitions and perceptions help you to channel your energy and place yourself in that important plane in which even the most difficult is beginning to be solved. You will see how past problems will be history.leo daily horoscope today monday 17th december 2018

Your figure is wrapped with a subjugating aura and captivates everyone with your freshness and freshness. Take advantage of this love luck that now surrounds you to declare your love to someone who seemed very difficult to conquer. There are no limits to your will power.

The mind and body work in unison and if one part is disharmonized the other suffers. Set aside fifteen minutes a day to perform breathing exercises and concentration that help you restore your inner harmony.

Although this is not a working day, you must attend to the telephone, as a long distance call puts you in the way of a trip that may represent a salary increase or the probability of improving your position in your company.

Money and Luck
The positive qualities of your Leo sign, your perseverance, tenacity and firmness will help you in this stage to reach that economic destiny that you have worked with so much effort in these last months. There is an economic reward on the way.

By Mary Emma

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